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Free Domain Name – Truth about Free Domain Names

free domain nameThere are so many places to find domain name registrars to buy hosting on the Internet today that it can sometimes become overwhelming to choose the right one. This report is all about getting a free domain name & hosting.

I hope it will ease your confusion on the subject of places to find information about hosting your new website.

The Little-Known Truth about Free Domain Name Registration

So you plan to register your own domain name? You’re searching the Web for that perfect domain name and you suddenly discover that many companies are offering “free domain name registration.”

You think to yourself, “Wow, that’s a great deal!

I’ll save money for many years to come with this deal.”

Beware. Know the facts about free domain name registration before signing on with a company.

Why Free instead of a domain name purchase?

First, ask yourself why the domain name is being offered for free.

Some companies make claims to give away free domain name registration as part of a contest or when you sign on for certain Web services.

Unfortunately, there are many scams and you should know who you are dealing with and why they are offering the free registration.

Read the fine print on their agreement to be sure you understand what will take place in the future before you register a domain name.

Will you be billed later for an unreasonable amount when domain name renewal time arrives? Will the company still be in business when renewal time arrives?

The Legitimate Free Domain Register Offer

There are legitimate offerings available from reputable Web hosting companies that offer free domain name registration when you sign on for their Web hosting plan.

These plans benefit you and the hosting company if they offer dependable services.

You get a free domain name registration and the hosting provider gets you as a hosting client, hopefully for years to come! It’s a win-win situation.

Tip! Along with your domain name purchase you will need a reliable and affordable Internet domain hosting service to supply space online for your new website.

Two tips to remember in getting your site online: the domain name search and the domain name registry for your company or personal website.

Domain Name Renewal Fees

Be aware, however, that free domain name registration often doesn’t include domain name renewals.

Domain names expire by the year unless you buy 2 or more years of registration up front.

When the domain name renewal time arrives, you’ll be required to pay the yearly fee.

Try to find out what this fee will be before signing on with a hosting provider. Also, compare their hosting fees versus their domain name renewal fees to be sure it’s worth it.

You might pay a little more for the renewals, but end up with a terrific and affordable hosting plan.

Be sure the company offers great customer service as well. It’s worth paying a little more if the service is dependable.

Remember: Your online business will depend on your hosting service on a daily basis and so finding the cheapest domain registration might not always be the best choice.

Will the Internet Domain Name you choose be Your Own?

Another thing to beware of is companies that claim you get a free domain name and then create a domain name for you under their own domain name.

This is actually a sub-domain name and it never actually belongs to you. Your domain name will really be “their website domain name, a slash “/”, and then your name.”

Example: “www. theircompanyname .com /yourname”

In some cases, these companies may also require you to allow advertisements on your website.

You’ll have no control over these ads, so it’s best to be sure you are getting your own “www” domain name for which you completely control all its content.

Recap: Before signing on for any offers of free domain name registration;

  • check out the company that’s making the offer
  • read the fine print
  • and check for any hidden fees or for high fees that will be billed to you later on.

Use these tips to guide you as you get started with your own website and domain name. Maybe you’ll discover online success before you know it!

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