Flask Course – Python Web Application Development

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Learn the Flask Python web framework by building your own e-commerce website with its own authentication system.

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✏️ Course created by Jim from JimShapedCoding. Check out his channel:

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ P1 (0:00:00) Introduction
⌨️ P2 (0:20:37) Styling & Templates
⌨️ P3 (0:41:37) Sending data to Templates
⌨️ P4 (1:02:56) Template Inheritance
⌨️ P5 (1:21:14) Models and Databases
⌨️ P6 (1:51:13) Project Restructure
⌨️ P7 (2:05:41) Model Relationships
⌨️ P8 (2:25:37) Flask Forms
⌨️ P9 (2:51:58) Flask Validations
⌨️ P10 (3:14:05) Flashes & Advanced Validations
⌨️ P11 (3:41:04) User Authentication Part 1
⌨️ P12 (3:59:56) User Authentication Part 2
⌨️ P13 (4:34:16) Logout and Customizations
⌨️ P14 (4:51:25) Item Purchasing Part 1
⌨️ P15 (5:18:39) Item Purchasing Part 2
⌨️ P16 (5:54:13) Item Selling

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30 thoughts on “Flask Course – Python Web Application Development”

  1. I was finding a flask course so that I can learn back-end with python. Thank you ❤️
    Will complete this course ❤️

  2. JimShapedCoding

    Thanks a lot for uploading this course, once again, it’s an honor to have some of my courses in the FCC Channel 🙂

  3. great video, just what I’ve been looking for. Also, I love using clear in terminal. To clear in python you can just use ctrl (or cmd) and L.

  4. Man, Am loving this. Carefully prepared and is recommended to all enthusiasts. You made me understand Flask easily. Thanks a million.

  5. Note to other viewers using terminal to run commands: In order to run a flask app using the flask command in the terminal, you need to set an environment variable in that terminal. For example, if your app is created in , then you need to execute the following in your terminal:

  6. Awesome tutorial! Very clear explanation! Thank you @freecodecamp and Jim for this fantastic course!

  7. Bidhya Pokharel

    If you’re wondering should I get into it or not, then let me tell you guys this tutorial is amazing. I went through many tutorials but never found any like this!! This man is going to hold you in every minute guys.

    1. Ma pani try garchu aaja dekhi…I previously watched a 45 min long video and that was helluva fast one. I hope this is slow and steady for me.

    2. Hey can you tell me do real website also work in this way. Like we render html templates in the backend or we use javascript for doing that stuff ?

  8. Jonathan Kristanto

    This course is totally amazing! I’ve learnt so much and Jim you’re such a great educator. Finished this in 5 days and now I’m gonna try to create my own project with Flask Web Framework. Great Job Jim!

  9. This is a great tutorial on Flask – I really enjoyed it! One question though: would it not be a good idea to move the user authentication part from ‘routes.py’ to ‘forms.py’ and include it in the field validation methods of the LoginForm class?

  10. Thank you so much, Jim and FCC! Your explanation is very clear and easy to follow.

  11. fernando da quinta

    This is by far and away the best Flask starter course I have found on YouTube (or any other platform). The realistic example that “Jim” works through provides all the tools and context you need to get started. Highly recommended!

  12. The length of this video is more than 6 hours , instead of discouraging me from watching , it reassures me about the amount of knowledge required in any serious subject , and the dedication of the educator. Thank you very much

  13. Srikrithi Bharadwaj

    This is one of the best Flask tutorials I’ve never seen yet. You are an amazing tutor, covering every nook and corner and explaining everything in a fantastic way. Thank you so much for the wonderful session.

  14. One of the best flask-tutorials I’ve been seen so far. You are a good teacher, I thinky your passion for the topic is felt by everyone. Thanks for your great work!

  15. greatest flask tutorial i ever saw ! you explain everything very well especially html parts and do not rush anything. Unlike most other web tutorials !

  16. Sebastian Silverwood

    This tutorial really has it all, and has shown just how quickly and easily you can spin up a fully dynamic website using Python, Flask, and Jinja! Not to mention it gives a great foundation in the ORM of SQLAlchemy too. Fantastic work. Taught me everything I need to know to make my own dashboards that my org has been missing for years.

  17. This is the best tutorial for beginner I have found on the subject! Great teacher, Great job!!! But…..
    For anyone else trying to follow this be advised that this technology is a moving target. The tutorial is a year old so be aware of what terminal environment you are using i.e. windows powershell vs cmd vs others as many of the commands have changed and or are different in different terminals. Refer to Flask documentation at https://flask.palletsprojects.com/en/2.1.x/. Hopefully this will save you some time getting started.

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