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How To Start Writing Your First Blog Entry

Writing Content and Publishing Your First Blog Entry

Writing your first blog entry doesn’t have to be scary; not really. Take away your inhibitions and blogging can be fun and rewarding! Publishing your first article or item is a great milestone in your blogging career.

Get Started Blogging Now

Fortunately, there are several basic guidelines, which can make your content more effective to your audience, adored by the search engines and respected by the world of blogging.

And no, you don’t have to take a web design course or already be a webmaster to become a blogger. It’s pretty simple after you learn a few of the blogging basics.

Effective Content Publishing

First blog entryBefore you learn how to blog and begin to write anything on your blog, you should know who your target audience is and what they want.

If you see these factors as irrelevant for your blog because your blog is not business oriented in any way, you must remember that if you want readers then these factors are really relevant.

Always remember that where there are readers there is something interesting to read.

The only reason why people read is because they want something. If you really want to achieve some kind of massive readership, you must strive to make your content interesting and actually what readers want.

Communicate And Build Rapport With Your Blogging Audience

First of all, keep in mind that communication is the key. More so, your communication must be authentic.

The time when you publish your content is also the time when you let your true self surface.

Blogs are personal in nature and communication is the key to being personal. The fact that each blog is unique because each writer is unique is enough for you to not to worry about future similarities with other blog entries.

Use Your Blogging Personality

Keep in mind that whatever topic you are blogging about you must incorporate your personality with your writing.

In order to create a loyal target audience, it is important for the visitors to trust you and relate to you.

It does not necessarily entail that they know about your personal details but you must connect with your audience in an authentic manner.

Make Sure Your First Blog Entry Is Honest

Writing your first blog entryAfter establishing your communication with your audience, the content must also be credible.

The blog must have authenticity even though credibility takes a considerable amount of time to build.

The moment you begin publishing your content, which is of high value and useful to the readers, you also start establishing your authority.

There will come a time when your readers ask you for advice or seek your opinion; this is the time when you have achieved some kind of credibility and you must use this to build your reputation as a blogger.

The Blank Page Syndrome

Blogging is writing but uses a different medium. There are several methods to fight blogger’s block. Always remember that your blog software exists to serve you and not to frighten you.

You do not have to try blogging carrying the idea that you have prolific writing skills, or a journalism degree.

The fact is that you have something to say and you want others to hear it. However, if you are feeling stuck on an idea, there are several suggestions that you can apply when creating the content for your blog.

Visit Other Related Blogs For Ideas

Firstly, you can try visiting other blogs. Visit those blogs that interest you and pick ideas and topics from those blogs that might be worth blogging about but keep in mind the relevance of the topic and your readership.

You can also syndicate your news updates. You can do this by subscribing to news services online because they allow you to save time on searching using keywords. This is most useful for bloggers.

Write Your Blog Fast – Then Edit

Once you have an idea, jot down three keywords and write several paragraphs as quickly as you can and worry about editing later. Before you know it, you have written your first blog!

Using Other People’s Content

With so many blog content writing resources today you can use articles written by other people if you go about it the right way. Or, like many big sites such as Huffington you can curate articles to fill you blog.

Curating is fine in most cases but it’s more fun and more adventurous to write your own, don’t you agree?

First Blog Entry