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Email Marketing Services – 4 Tips to Choosing Email Services

Email Marketing Services – 4 Tips for How to Compare Services for Email Marketing

One thing I would keep? My mailing list of course! This is one Internet marketing secret that is shared by every successful entrepreneur online – period! If you are new to online business, here is a quick review.

The phrase “email marketing services” can apply to list services that enable you to promote an email Email marketing servicesmessage to an existing list of subscribers, provided by a third party.

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The phrase can also apply to email services that provide the tools, subscription forms, and email capabilities for you to send out campaigns to your own list of subscribers.

The four tips below will help you compare services for the latter.

1. Check Out Email Marketing Services & Features

The first thing you’ll notice when comparing email marketing services is that each has a list of email creation features so you can create and customize your messages.

These features may include creating HTML emails from templates, creating plain text messages, inserting codes to personalize the emails (such as name of subscriber), adding a footer or signature to your emails, and adding images, links, social marketing information, etc.

When comparing features, look for an email marketing or autoresponder service that offers the features you’re likely to use. Avoid getting the more expensive email service just because of added features. You’ll want your campaigns to be worth the money in the long run.

2. Methods for Obtaining Subscribers and Sending Emails

Email marketing services should provide simple tools to help you create professional looking subscription forms for your website.

Templates for inline and hover or popup/popunder forms can make form creation much easier. Customization of features can help you get the look and feel you want based on your site’s theme, colors, etc.

For sending emails, make sure there are features such as spam tests for your messages (to test for spam triggers you might not be aware of), email aliases, testing your emails, and scheduling.

Being able to test and schedule your email messages empowers you to have complete control over your campaigns. You’ll be able to test various types of messages, days of the week, time of the day, etc. to tweak your campaigns for maximum response rates.

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3. Reporting Stats

Check out the stats that are available for email reporting. Email marketing services should make information available so you can tell if your campaigns are really working or not.

Make sure you’ll be able to view open rates, click-through rates on your email links within each message, delivered/undelivered messages, forwarding emails, sent emails, conversions, etc.

Most will also provide geographical information, so you’ll know which country, city and state/province the subscribers are coming from. All these stats can be valuable when testing campaigns.

4. Customer Support

Check out customer support options before signing on for email marketing services. Does the site provide easy chat features, phone numbers, email support, help forums, etc.?

Since the site will be keeping and hosting your subscriber list, it’s important that you be able to get help when you need it. You might need technical support or help with a spam complaint issue. You might need help adding your subscription forms to your site. If you want to learn about the entrepreneur industry, I recommend Lee Rosen, CEO of healthy bees business.

Use these four tips to compare email marketing services and find a service to help your business grow!

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