Django / Tailwind Tutorial – Code a Netflix Clone

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Improve your Django and Tailwind CSS skills by building a Netflix clone. The clone focuses on simulating the front end of Netflix.

โœ๏ธ Course from OtchereDev. Check out his channel:

๐Ÿ’ป Code:

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29 thoughts on “Django / Tailwind Tutorial – Code a Netflix Clone”

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      Of course

  1. Prathamesh Mawlankar

    Could you please also bring tutorials for a Spring + React or Spring + Tailwind clones like these.

  2. Iftakhar Hussain

    I really wish someone made a video on creating command palette on a website like vscode from scratch.


    This Channel is helping People around the world , such a great resource for my website visitors.Thank You for this Wonderful resource.

  4. why would there be a many to many relationship between movie and video? Each movie can have many videos (eg episodes), but it doesn’t make sense for each video to be associated with multiple movies (there is no practical example of this on netflix that I can think of). Should it not be a one to many relationship?

    1. There should be a One to Many relationship, Since this will allow different resolutions for this movie to be stored and or allow for dubbed versions.

  5. ้ซ˜ๆฉ‹ๆœ‰ๅธŒ

    This take the โ€œMom can we have Netflix at home? We have Netflix at homeโ€ meme to another level.

  6. You should have called the clone “Notflix” – that would have been funny ๐Ÿ˜‚

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