Developer Career Questions ANSWERED (featuring a bunch of experienced developers)

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A bunch of experienced developers will answer your questions about a career in software development.

The questions:
❓ (00:22) Will AI ever replace developers?
❓ (04:20) What is the best way to learn programming?
❓ (08:57) What if everyone was a programmer?
❓ (12:37) Am I too old to learn programming?
❓ (15:40) Is a computer science degree worth it?
❓ (21:26) How does programming influence your health?
❓ (25:23) Do you need to know math?
❓ (28:45) How long does it take to become a junior developer?
❓ (32:43) Which programming language should you choose first?
❓ (38:24) How to motivate yourself to study?

Featuring the wisdom of the following developers:

➡ Delia Lazarescu, Software Engineer at Google

➡ Gerald Versluis, Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft

➡ Ania Kubow, Software Developer and Course Creator

➡ Marius Espejo, Senior Software Engineer

➡ Ave Coders, ML Engineer

➡ Mama Samba Braima Nelson, Software Engineer

➡ Gwendolyn Faraday, Principal Software Engineer at Relevize'

➡ Nana Janashia (TechWorld with Nana), DevOps Engineer & Trainer

➡ Gift Egwuenu, Frontend Developer & Content Creator

➡ Jack Herrington, Principal Web Developer

➡ Jesse (codeSTACKr), Developer Advocate

➡ James Perkins, Developer Advocate

➡ Gio (ProgramWithGio), Full-Stack Web Developer

➡ Islem (CoderOne), Full-Stack Developer and Content Creator

➡ Jon Wood, .NET Web Developer and Content Creator

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32 thoughts on “Developer Career Questions ANSWERED (featuring a bunch of experienced developers)”

  1. محمد عبدالله

    I hope, after I weigh you, add the translation to the Arabic language in translating the course or the video so that we can understand what you are saying. Thank you for the wonderful effort you are making for us.

  2. This is very good content, and yes age is not a factor. There is a woman in Japan in her 80 programming games. What’s your excuse. Also yes you need to love it or else it will not work. Also programming is very useful no matter what career you’re in. Thanks for the great content. SERIOUSLY THIS IS THE BEST REALISTIC CONTENT ON BECOMMING A PROGRAMER. It’s the opposite of what everyone else on YouTube says. LOL THANKS TO ALL THE DEVELOPERS ON HERE. VERY MATURE AND REALISTIC.

  3. As its been more than a year of me coding I have googled such questions a lot of times and watching a video getting answered by experienced people is actually pretty helpful 😅 🤝

    1. The internet has been publicly available since at least the mid 90’s. There were engines before google you know. Before that people simply bought books because it was an area of interest to them. Not rocket science.

  4. Awesome to see the variety of perspectives! Thanks for having us on the channel FCC!! 🙏😄

  5. Thanks for the feature 🥰 Loved all the responses! For anyone scared that AI is coming for our jobs- it likely won’t be in our lifetime. Wanted to give full context, so I don’t scare anyone 😅

    1. @Elias KOUAKOU Well, I agree it evolves exponentially & terrifyingly fast. Ray Kurzweil’s “Law of Accelerating Returns” explains this evolution of technology very well & predicts the singularity in the next decade 😅 but the timeline depends on many variables, from legal regulations to who & how many are developing AI…so it’s unlikely we would allow that to happen in our lifetime. Unless we completely lose control of development or have a plan like UBI in place 👀

  6. How do we go from Jr to Sr ?
    From looking at interviews for Jr, and job requisites, it seems you gotta be an expert for Jr Level. What is expected of you to move forward?

  7. Great video, but most of the questions were beginners focused, intermediate+ were kinda left out.

  8. These devs put in the reps at the keyboard. They spend a lot of time thinking about software engineering concepts and how to best teach them. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to each of their channels (listed in this video’s description). I’ve subscribed to all of them – in some cases for years – and am a better developer for it.

  9. This turned out so great! Glad I could be a part of this amazing posse! Thank you for having me

  10. “unless of course AI becomes self aware, at which point we will have bigger things to worry about than our jobs” …. couldn’t have said it better

  11. “Which programming language to choose first” ASM and C. Followed by your oo of choice. The thing is people these days think they need to ‘learn’ a language but it doesn’t work that way. Understand the fundamentals (Assembly language – architecture dependant I know – or C with low level memory considerations) and almost any other language is simply a matter of syntax. You don’t “learn” a programming language in the same way an English speaking would have to learn German or Russian… Many of us get cold called for jobs about languages we don’t even know about but can pick up with a few reference guides. Anyone that ‘learns’ a language is doing it wrong.

  12. Day by day, I am loving my GitHub copilot more than my friends at my school🤣. My opinion is also the same. AI will not replace humans. More than like a replacement, it will act as a best companion of humans while developing new things.

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