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Make web page open in a new windowIf you have even a passing interest in designing sites, then you should take a look at the following ideas. This informative article will enlighten you with some of the latest news on the subject of how to design personal websites and make them work well; look great!

Ideas for Site Design

Once you begin to move beyond the basic information, you will begin to realize that there is more to building personal websites than you may have first thought.

Learning beginner web design is not always easy but hopefully reading these paragraphs will help you to become a better personal web designer.

No More Family Reunions

With the busy schedules that most of us experience today, we are prone to missing out on events that were once of utmost importance. Family gatherings fall by the wayside, replaced by that important meeting.

Graduations of extended families are sometimes difficult to attend, with the scheduling and expense of long distance travel. Worst of all, everyday stories of our loved ones are often never heard, sometimes due only to the cost of long distance calls.

The Information Highway and Personal Websites

However, we are living in the age of the Internet, where people can instantly exchange information. This is a time when we can a take a photo one minute, and have it on the other side of the world in that same minute.

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Why Design a Personal Website?

But remember, sharing through email can never fully show the pride and joy of our families, and the range of media technology. There is no better way to proudly display ourselves and our families than through a personal web site.

When you venture into the world of personal web sites, you can display family videos, audio files with your favorite music, photographs, and web journals (Blogs). Announcements can be made by the click of a mouse and recent news can be heard by just hitting enter.

Personal web sites used for family and extended family use need to have the capabilities to retain all forms of media. It’s best if you have a high speed Internet connection, because this will cut your work and loading time in half.

Designing Your First Personal Website – Where to BeginPersonal website design

Before you start designing, you will want to map out the look and feel of your personal web site.

For instance, do you want sections for each family member such as “Jenny’s blog,

Photo album, and videos” or do you want broader areas in which the whole family can contribute, like ” Griswald family photo album, Carter Family blog”?

The Family Journal on a Personal Website – Blogs

For basic personal web sites, you should have a section devoted to a journal. Here, you can chronicle family events and milestones.

You can talk about your child’s accomplishments, a new car, a new career, weddings, birthdays, and urgent news. This online journal, also known as a blog, is open to your entire family.

If you install a Comment Box, you can even discover your visitor’s opinions, congratulations, and comments posted alongside your blog entry. This blog can also contain photos of all those events that you cherish.

Photo Sections are a Great Addition to a Personal Sites

Another thought: You might want an entire section devoted to photographs. A photo album section is the perfect addition to personal web sites. With it, your extended family will always feel as though they were there.

Photos should always be categorized, such as “summer vacation 2006”, “Betty Lou’s graduation” or “Tom’s new auto”

Become a Video “Movie Star”

Video can also be part of personal web sites. With a simple camera phone, you can record and share every event that you previously could only wish the rest of your family could have seen. If done properly, you can accumulate enough videos to create a video diary.

Let Your Audience “Hear” Your Site

To make your personal web site really stand out; why not add some audio? A little background music adds a nice touch. But, if you decide to add audio to your website, be sure and have a stop button for those who do not wish to hear it. Otherwise, it can be annoying to some personal website visitors.

Don’t Stop Here!

Of course, it’s impossible to put everything about personal websites into just one article. But you must admit that you have just added to your understanding about designing personal websites, and that’s time well spent.

There’s no doubt that the topic of personal web design and promotion can be fascinating.

If you still have unanswered questions about designing your website, you may find what you are looking for in the next webmaster report.

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