CSS Web Design Tutorial

CSS Web Design Tutorial – Learn the Meaning of Cascading Style Sheets

If you create pages on WordPress blogs, you are using CSS. This quick CSS web design tutorial will show the meaning and how you use this script on your website pages & posts.

Just what is CSS?CSS web design tutorial

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), was brought about by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), as opposed to by evil computer programmers with too much time on their hands as first assumed, in order to develop a standard which might be viewed by various browsers.

This became a basic need as Microsoft and Netscape struggled for marketplace domination and kept adding HTML attributes that were only fully understood by their browser.  Fantastic for them, unhealthy for us.

Saving Time with Style

These days, with the implementation of CSS, we are able to style and design ONE website for most web browsers rather than a number of websites, one per browser.

What started out as a way of standardizing the manner in which code was viewable through basic things, like font and color tags, has swiftly developed into something far more powerful, which makes sense because all of the not so evil programmers could now devote more hours working on the one standard that could be fully understood by all browsers.

How to Use CSS Design

CSS can be utilized in your web pages a couple of various ways. The foremost and the one that takes precedence above the others is what is termed Inline CSS which is used inside the HTML tag directly and merely affects what is within that element.

This is a valuable method when doing something similar to adding a Drop Cap or something which will basically be used once or twice and you don’t want to clutter your External Style Sheet.

CSS web design tutorial and tipsInternal Style Sheets

The Next, and the one that takes priority over an External Style Sheet and not Inline CSS will be the Internal Style Sheet that is placed in head of your web page regarding the <head>and</head> tags.

You may opt to use this whenever you just need one page design or perhaps you require it to appear differently compared to the other Internet pages which use your primary External Stylesheet.

You could possibly then use your Inline Style Sheets to overwrite anything on a line by line basis in case you want to. Remember from above, the Inline CSS takes priority over the others.

External Style Sheets

Your Third method is the External Style Sheet. It is a document that lives outside of your Internet page. By placing some code in the head of your page between the <head>and</head> tags, you tell your web page to hunt for and make use of the instructions from that file to translate how to display your page.

The method is helpful when you’ve got more than one Internet pages and will allow you to manage the appearance throughout all of your pages maintaining a consistent look throughout. You got a enormous way to save time!Just think about what is going to happen if the guru’s and “powers that be”, determine the large, RED, BOLD HEADLINES are no longer trendy!

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You’re Ahead of the Designing Game

With External Style Sheets, you’ll be able to just modify your .CSS file (external style sheet), and make preparations for your evening out.

However, you may end up lonesome because all of your web design friends will probably be doing work feverishly throughout the weekend break making this very same change on each individual page.

CSS Web Design Tutorial