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Creating a Website with Lasting Results

Creating a websiteCreating a website is not all that difficult these days with so many courses about how to learn beginner web design and even WYSIWYG software programs to help out.

The part of web designing skills that is somewhat tricky is creating one that has lasting positive results.

If you need to earn an income from your website, then you’re going to need a lot more than just pretty pictures and a few links.

You’ll need content, images, links, interactive features, social features – basically the works – to get lasting results.

Below are some key elements used when creating a website every page needs to be successful:

Creating a Website – Proper SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) should be the top priority on your design to-do list. Without it, you can forget reaching the top results in Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines, try looking for companies like Solar Flare Marketing in Phoenix so that you can get advise from real professionals.

Many web directories base their results on a site’s SEO quality. SEO simply means incorporating key phrases related to your products/services into various aspects of your web pages, of course SEO services depend on the company people use, the best one to use would be the Sacramento SEO company. Each web page should be optimized so that it stands alone as a possible good-ranking page.

Add Keywords – If They Are RELEVANT!

Targeted keywords can be included throughout your written content, image ALT text, text links, headings, etc. to let search engines know what your pages are all about.

There are thousands of training sites and courses to help you learn the “nuts and bolts” of good SEO, so make this a priority before you start creating a website.

Keep Your Web Design Simple

Don’t complicate your design with frames, flash, etc. that often slow loading time or hinder some users from being able to view your pages.

If you must use frames or flash when creating a website, use special sections of your site for these features. Don’t design the entire site in frames or flash if it can be avoided.

Design your pages with pleasant colors that blend with your site’s overall theme. Make sure your written content and links are easy to view; preferably you should write all content and place links on light-colored backgrounds.

You may have a black background with light-colored link text; however, avoid placing all your written content on a dark background (it’s hard on the eyes).

Validate All Pages

Make sure the HTML/CSS code or other website design language is coded correctly on every page. Check each page for any broken links or images as well as misspellings, incorrect formatting, etc.

You’ll want the site to appear professional to users as well as be coded properly for the search engine robots when they crawl your site.

Socialize and Modernize

You’d be surprised at how social features and other modern-day technology can help boost your site’s positioning in the search engines.

Google likes to find sites that are always moving forward to improve the user’s experience. Don’t be shy about adding videos, QR codes (especially for printable pages, manuals, brochures, etc.), audio, etc.

Also, keep up-to-date on all the social media options for a Social Media Company. Create company pages for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus (to be released soon), LinkedIn, etc. Display these on your web pages to allow users to interact with your company in a way that’s comfortable for them.

Don’t Forget the Mobile World

There are plug-ins or software you can use to create an alternate mobile website, which can be easily accessed through cell phones, iPads, and other small mobile devices.

Some software will automatically change your web pages to the “mobile view” by detecting the type of device that the user is using to access your web page. Since millions of users are accessing the web through their cell phones.

This can be a real profit-booster when creating a website! Use these ideas for website design to get started on the road to Internet success! Now, are you ready to really learn web designing skills. This course for beginners has it all; knowledge, flexibility and price.

Creating a Website with Lasting Results