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Church Web Site Design – Should You Hire a Web Designer or Let Church Members Handle It?

church web site designDeciding whether to hire a webmaster or handle the online part among members is a valid question. Here are some tips and suggestions about church web site design if you’re thinking of putting up a site for your church.

If you are designing a church website, it makes a lot of sense to hire a professional. A lot of church websites are run off of the volunteer efforts of church members.

Although this might be a good idea if you have a church member who is a professional web designer, if you don’t you might have to contract outside workers.

Design and Church Websites

The religious community and the Web design community do not always overlap, but where they do magical things happen. If your church homepage is well designed, easy to navigate, and appealing, it can help you spread the message much further than he would be able to otherwise.

I have simply seen too many church websites that were badly designed and badly run. Don’t get me wrong – the people who put them up meant well.

The problem is that there are just too many church website template tools available to make things easy. This might not seem to be a problem to you, but you have to remember the way the Internet works.

A Church Web Site Design is NOT the Same as Personal Sites

It is easy to design a web page and put it up for personal use. It will work well enough for your friends and family to visit and look at pictures of you and read your blogs.

A church website design, however, has more demands put on it. It has to be able to link to church events, have a login page were church members can access e-mail accounts or special bulletins, have hyperlinks to other churches that share a Christian Fellowship, and handle countless other tasks.

Church Size and Web Design

If your web site serves a large church or if you have a large online ministry, you church official homepage will be sorely burdened unless it is well-designed and well run. Only a Web professional knows all of the tricks to get this done.

A Professional Christian?

Nonetheless, it helps if the person designing your web page has zeal for a Christian website.

Don’t get me wrong – a web developer can design a perfectly good website for something he or she doesn’t believe in. Nonetheless, if the passion is there, the website will be even better.

The web designer will understand what you are saying better than a person would who is not affiliated with any church, and so you will get a better product.

In addition, your church web site design can build yet another link in the community – this time with a professional web developer. He or she can help out members with their own Internet design projects too.

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