cheap domain name registration

Cheap Domain Name Registration

cheap domain name registration

Is it really possible to get cheap domain name registration & web hosting and still expect quality service from your Internet service provider when you’re picking a website address?

In a word, yes, it is when you follow this registrar advice.

Don’t Do Cheap Domain Name Registration Just Because It’s Cheap!

But, be advised that using a reliable domain name registrar and good web hosting services is one of the major decisions you’ll make in web design.

Getting an Affordable URL for Your Business or Personal Website

Well, great! For your interest, here are a few of the sites online to get you started. You’ll need to find a name, register it and get hosting to carry it.

Exactly What is a Domain Registrar?

In a most concrete identification, the domain name registrars are actually companies that register a URL for those who need a domain name and hosting service.

To comprehend the real nature of their work, a person would need to research and study about the ICANN or the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

This site is considered to be a portal for affordable domain names and recently offered their registration for the extension .com with the price below $10. at the time of this writing.

Aside from that, their domain name registration fee for .us .biz are affordable as well. Also, this portal offered their free starter page plus other free options along with the cheaper domain name registrations.

In this site, you will definitely find an affordable domain name registration along with a private service. So here you can get a private domain name and registration for about $8.95 per domain name at this writing.

By getting their bargain registration, you have the absolute control over your domain name and it is nice to know that all of their registered domain names are registered in your name.

Even if the service is just considered as a cheap way to buy domain names, the process is fast, simple, and secure.

As the name obviously implies, it is no doubt this site offers a cheap domain name pricing Well, it is a great opportunity for you to get a cheap domain for a low monthly rate.

Aside from that bargain, you can also have free 24 hour support, free domain forwarding, free domain locking, free status alert, and free total Domain Name System control.

Which Domain Service & Hosting Do I Use?

Well, I’ve seen these companies come and go and, although there are some good cheap domain companies, I’ve stuck with one – GoDaddy.

They may not be the cheapest but I have never had a problem with this company.

In combination with HostNine web hosting service my sites are up at least 99% of the time.

That’s worth more to me than saving a few bucks. But, I’ll let you decide which is more important to you. – Bob

Cheap Domain Name Registration