ChatGPT Clone – OpenAI API and React Tutorial

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Learn how to use React and the OpenAI API to create an application like ChatGPT. The application can answer our questions, convert the text into different languages, or even convert JavaScript code to Python.


✏️ Course developed by @CybernaticoByNishant

ChatGPT with React:
OpenAI with React:

⭐️ Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (0:00) Introduction
⌨️ (4:01) Importing configuration and api keys
⌨️ (11:27) Creating the input and button
⌨️ (16:09) How to create an image
⌨️ (23:32) Getting the api key from the console
⌨️ (28:48) Setting up the menu items
⌨️ (36:14) Hovering options in the options
⌨️ (41:03) Importing the translated component
⌨️ (48:47) Setting options in a file
⌨️ (53:30) Finishing main function

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24 thoughts on “ChatGPT Clone – OpenAI API and React Tutorial”

  1. 1st comment 😁😁 and thanks to freecodecamp for provide such kind of great content to learn. ❤

  2. No Copyright Gameplay Stock Videos

    I already tried the Image creator using Kivy. Worked really nice but sadly wasn’t able to port it to Android 🌚.

  3. Would be nice to have a non proprietary example close to gpt-3 as possible. For offline personal use. On your own pc machine on your own network. would love to see a video on that!

    1. @Shashank Bhatnagar Is that really the case though? I can locally use stable diffusion for instance with no external services required.

    2. Shashank Bhatnagar

      @deniz Orsel my sensibilities say that gpt must be using the internet to pull out information and process it through NLP and deliver the output. It’ll be crazy for it to have this much of data locally Stored somewhere. Stable diffusion can work like a regular software because it has limited output.

      That’s what I think.

    3. @Shashank Bhatnagar agree to you dude, besides, that kind of AI requires tremendous amount of computing power, which an average home computer may not be capable of.

  4. So how to take the input of a text field and send it to an api then put that response into the dom?

    I mean thanks I guess. How to actually make a ChatGPT clone would be more interested if you explained how to actually make a chat gpt clone 😀

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