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Business Websites – How to Turn Old Business Web Pages into Profit

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Are you frustrated because you have non-producing pages on your business websites?

It can be a real struggle to make every page of your small business web design count for something.

Some web pages might seem useless now, though you might have had a purpose for the page at the time of the initial design.

Small Business Websites: How to Turn Your Old Business Web Pages into Profit

*Here are some business website ideas to consider. Don’t delete those pages! Turn them into something useful for visitors!

If it’s a page for an obsolete product or service, replace the content with a new product/service. You can normally find new business website content ideas online from places like Ezine Articles or just have some written yourself.

If you don’t have a new online service to offer, then gear the page so that it leads visitors to your other products.

Add new and improved sales content to the page and make sure it’s geared to sell, get subscribers to your newsletter, or some type of action from the customer.

Ads and Affiliate Links

Another option for what are seemingly “dead pages” is to use the pages for ads or affiliates.

You can add fresh SEO web traffic getting content to the page and use Google Adsense or Yahoo, check to get the help from real experts to monetize it.

Find business web design keywords that are somewhat related to the page’s current theme or to your overall site.

Then do some research to learn the best way to lay out the pages to promote ad clicks. You’ll make money with each click!

Be sure you’re offering useful affiliate products to your business website visitors.

Add Ebooks for Web Profits

You can add affiliate ebooks or links to those dead pages and start generating income right away!

*Hint: Be sure to include an affiliate disclaimer on your site, per the new US laws.

Informational Pages

If you don’t want to turn an inactive page into a sales or ad page, then make it a well written informational page to enhance your site.

Web users are always looking for information, so you can offer information, resources or even start your own classes online through those inactive pages and increase traffic generation.

Older pages have likely already been established and are probably already indexed with Google.

You just need to add content with popular keywords that will make search engines sit up and pay attention!

If you merely delete old pages from your site, you might end up hurting your SEO ranking.

On the other hand, turning those pages into effective selling pages or informational pages with great keywords can boost SEO for your business web design.

New Page; New Links

Once you redesign the page, try to get a few links back to it from reputable, high ranking websites or blogs.

Check around for blogs, directories, etc. with a Google Page Rank of 4 or more. Getting new links to the page will trigger a new crawling from search engine spiders so they can see the new content you’ve added. If you’re not sure how to get website links, try the Link Building Book here.

Search engines look at your site as a whole as well as by individual pages. Therefore, every page counts, whether good or bad.

Don’t Give Up on Those Older Business Website Pages!

Think of older pages as opportunities to revive your site and give it fresh content. You now have a chance to boost SEO and get search engines to take another look at your overall site.

Search engines like new activity on a website. And, as studied in these small business web design lessons, changes and updates should be the norm!

Use these ideas to turn those “dead pages” within your small business web design to SEO friendly, top ranking web pages!

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