Build Three Django Projects – Python Course

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Improve your Django skills by building 3 complete projects. In this course you will lean how to use Python and Django to build a URL shortener, a to-do list, and an English dictionary.

Course developed by Code With Tomi. Check out his channel:
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Here are the projects you will create:
1. A URL Shortener
πŸ”— Finished:

2. A To-do List Web App
πŸ”— Finished:

3. An English Dictionary
πŸ”— Finished:

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00) Intro
⌨️ (00:16) Projects Demo
⌨️ (02:39) Building A URL Shortner With Django
⌨️ (34:33) Deploying Our URL Shortner
⌨️ (48:47) Building A Todo List App With Django
⌨️ (1:20:15) Deploying Our Todo List App
⌨️ (1:34:29) Building An English Dictionary With Django
⌨️ (1:52:57) Deploying Our English Dictionary

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33 thoughts on “Build Three Django Projects – Python Course”

  1. Pratap Nayadkar

    3 project timestamp :

    intro 0:00 to 2:40
    1St Project URL Shortner 2:41 to 48:47
    2nd Project A TODO list 48:48 to 1:34:37
    3rd Project Building an English Dictionary 1:34:28 to 2:01:05

  2. Parmanand Chauhan

    very informative and good projects but for me working as django developer these are very easy projects

  3. hello, can i know if this video is friendly to newbies of Django ? i never worked on Django before.

  4. Hey everybody.
    Anybody tried to convert the jquery code to vanilla js?
    Trying to use the fetch api, able to POST but can’t receive the new string to replace the h2.

  5. For some reason I thought the URL shortner would be hard to do but I’m surprised how simple it was. Thanks!


    I cannot find the source (untouched) index.html file for urlshortener. In your github it’s with all the changes, so there is no need to change it and add anything to it. Where is original html file?

  7. Thanks! I got stuck in my own ‘Todo app’ and I could find a solution here:) We all know how frustrating stucking up may be:D

  8. ritik mittal

    ValueError: Django can only handle ASGI/HTTP connections, not websocket.

    can someone please help me solve this error

  9. I am getting an error: “no such table: todo_todo” in TODO List Project. Can somebody guide me where did i went wrong?

  10. youtube is an amazing free service.

    to make a little mediocore(higher version than basic) web based application using django and python , wht are the softwares required to be installed ?


    I made same project and I got placement thx ❀❀❀ I understand code and tell company that I made it they were happy now I am working in samsung 20ctc


      Ak blockchain ke upar tha
      Ak apni website profile
      Chat application

    2. Everything_U_need2know

      @Nonstop CODING : CODE WITH ADITYA can you help me? I am struggling to get a job

    3. @Everything_U_need2know Did you got placed? Coz even I am struggling to find a job. I have done my Bachelors of Engg in IT since June 2021. I am interested in Python, ML, SQL , Django as a fresher.

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