Build a Robinhood-Style Android App to Track COVID-19 Cases – Kotlin Tutorial

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Learn how to create an Android app with Kotlin that uses core UI components from the Robinhood stock trading app. Instead of tracking stocks, this app will track COVID-19 cases. The app displays key metrics around the growth of coronavirus, including the number of positive cases, negative cases, and deaths per day.

We use data from The COVID Tracking Project ( ).

💻 Code: .

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If you're encountering an issue with views not being resolved in the Kotlin file, you should get a reference to the view with findViewById at the top of MainActivity. See this video for more: , or checkout this article: .

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00) Intro
⌨️ (03:41) Retrieving data from the API
⌨️ (21:43) Building the layout
⌨️ (31:25) Render the spark line chart
⌨️ (40:13) Add chart interaction
⌨️ (54:26) Add colors and state spinner
⌨️ (1:11:01) Ticker view + radio button styling
⌨️ (1:23:47) Color update + conclusion

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23 thoughts on “Build a Robinhood-Style Android App to Track COVID-19 Cases – Kotlin Tutorial”

  1. Amazing video as always. I want to track stocks prices, is it possible? does somebody know how to get that information? Please, I have a research on that topic and I’m having troubles with that

  2. Young India Poetry

    the app is really cool. I’m done with all the functionalities. An issue though- it lags. A lot. I’m running it currently on my Redme Note 8 Pro & it takes at least a few mins to load the different charts for the different radio button options & the states in the spinner. Is there a way I can improve the performance?

  3. very nice and well explained, thanks! I just want to know why CALL and not RESPONSE, thanks

  4. Thanks you sir, Sir If you changed your orientation from portrait to landscape the data got automatically removed

  5. Κίμων Κωσταδημας

    @Rahul Pandey I read that covid tracking data will be shutted down. Is there any other api available we can use? Have you got something ?

  6. Can we get more videos similar to this one? Like a series where you just build stuff from a tutorial that explains the process?

  7. Everyone thinks that making an app is easy, but look at this! just made a simple Covid-19 app and it’s a 1 hour tutorial with complicated codes! 😯 So viewers, let’s appreciate uses all their hard work to make this app, although it’s just a simple app like just viewing stats.

    So if it takes this so long to make a Covid app, what about accessories app, games app? Stay up the whole 1 day to make it? Though thanks for the app tutorial.

  8. 1/2
    I am trying to build a fully working app regarding this tutorial. I intend to use the github repo also, as my goal is not to build from scratch but focusing only how to use API succesfully in an android app. The API provided in the video not updated anymore therefore i need to use an other API source (covid database). Also i want to build the app only for UK and Hungary covid cases only. However i am stucking how to apply any other API but not retrofit . I have found postman but no Kotlin guide for that.

  9. 2/2
    An other video how to apply GENERALLY any API for an android app (not specifically Retrofit but ANY API source) would be helpfull.
    Also i am confused about this Retrofit. Retrofit could be used for any other database source? I mean for example i want use Postman covid data but i want to use Retrofit to communicate with the app. Or Postman already includes the Retrofit’s features and therefore unneccessary to use two “API manager”? ? Either I use one or the other?? In other words it is not really clear how the database itslef and the API related to each other. Can i use Postman database or any other database with Retrofit and vica versa?? Or if i want use Postman do i have to avoid Retrofit at all as the two methods are “hitting” each other??
    I mean can i use a particular database with Retrofit and/or Postman or with any other API??

  10. i am having a problem in the last chapter. when i apply RadioButton styles to each button individually they work fine, but it does not get applied when i put it in styles in theme file (my project generated values/theme.xml files instead of styles.xml by default), does anybody know what might be the problem

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