best web site design

Best Web Site Design

One question. Is the best designed website one that you pay for and hire a leading expert designer to craft? Or can the best web site design be one you study for, practice doing, and create yourself?

Hiring an Expert for Designing Websites

best web site designIf you want to use a qualified, experienced professional, you will want to research by visiting the sites of the web technician.

Do not fall for their own advertising saying they offer the best website design in the world, on the planet, on the worldwide web, etc.

They could be lying (imagine that!?).

Plenty of Web Designers to Choose

As you have probably seen elsewhere, more than one vendor will boast the best, will toss out this hyperbole, and will in effect have to be lying, save ONE.

For example, the latest TV ads for “fewest dropped calls” reveal TWO competing companies each saying they are REPORTEDLY the number one company with the FEWEST dropped calls.

Do the math, here, and realize that one: only one of them can boast lowest number, two: they are endorsing themselves, and three: why would you want ANY dropped calls? Anyway, on to better examples, more appropriate to web design.

Web Design Promises

Another thing to watch for is the designer who includes a promise to make your pages so kwr (keyword rich) that they will rank #1 on the search engines!

First, if they are advertising to anyone other than you, how are they making hundreds of websites #1? That would make for a very crowded rank space.

Second, they do not know what they are doing/saying, as search engines do not all crawl the web using keywords as their primary grasping element. Some search by other measures, looking at, for example, relevance.

And, third, again, the person offering the best web design might be rating the work by criteria in his/her favor, not by the standards.

So if you go to the professionals for the best designs for websites, you are smart to study the gurus. Check out some like the internationally renowned, experienced, respected, and proven experts—such as Jacob Neilsen, who runs He offers hundreds of legitimate, legal, and practical “lessons”.

Even then, look at plenty of samples. Do the web site developers practice what they (or others) preach?

The Best Web Design is by You?

If you decide on a do-it-yourself project, again, follow the advice for the best web site design strategies and techniques and practices.

Your site should be highly accessible (and there are standards and tricks for making it so), and equally usable (aka user friendly, with fonts, colors, and content appropriate and accessible for target audiences).

At the same time, the best web site design does not include any sneaky, underhanded, or internet illegal material or technique. It must not have hidden URLs, cannot be loaded down with keywords, etc. or it will be blacklisted, booted from the directories such as Google and Yahoo.

You can learn more about designing your own website by going here.

I hope this page helps you become a little more savvy about the best web design options. Now, go and build your website!