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Best Designed Websites – How to Design an Award Winning Website

The Inner Workings of Award Winning Websites

We all have run across website design which proudly display a seal or logo, declaring the site to be the winner of the ‘XYZ Award for Excellence’ or some similar accolade. Many such sites have been conferred the award by a small group of people with a somewhat narrow view of just what makes it one of the best designed websites out of the millions (or billions of others.

Basics of the Best Designed WebsitesBest designed websites

While there are some legitimate, distinguished types of awards, there are many more which really don’t mean much.

Some I’ve seen don’t seem all that great to me, leading me to believe there may be some conflict of interest involved in bestowing such an award.

Due to the proliferation of award winning websites, it seems appropriate to take a look at this from a slightly different perspective.

How Many Award Winning Web Sites are Online?

When you consider that there are billions of websites on the net, there must be a great number of award winners out there.

However, when it gets right down to the best designed websites, what should matter most to you is that your visitors and customers find your site to have award winning features that matter to them! That will bring you far more success than someone’s gold star!

What are the Tricks of the Best Website Designers?

Let’s take a brief look at the generic factors which can be applied to any website to good effect and help you build a large base of loyal and happy customers.

When a visitor lands on your page for the first time, you want to make a good impression. The composition and general appearance should be visually pleasing, enticing your visitor to want to stay and browse the rest of your site.

Many website design courses state to judiciously and well-placed images can go a long way towards creating the best website design as far as the look and feel.

Just as when you stroll down the mall, an attractive storefront tends to catch your attention. You’re more likely to stop and take a look at that shop than another with a display which is confusing or just uninteresting.

The Best Website Design Is Always Easy to Navigate!

Best designed websites onlineAnother feature of the best designed websites is the ease of getting around the site. It presents easily navigated pages, laid out with tabs, text columns and ads in a standard layout allows your guest to intuitively understand the organization of your materials quickly.

This increases the likelihood of your visitor continuing to browse, while making it a pleasure for returning customers to find their way to what they’re interested in.

Well organized website pages also send a subtle message: Such well organized materials reflects well on your company and implies that you are probably trustworthy.

This puts you another step towards that award winning website look and feel.

Your visitors are looking for accurate, updated and informative content – and lots of it. This imbues you with credibility, marking your company as a good resource on your subject matter and creating a perception of you as an expert in your area.

High quality links within your content, as well as a ‘resource page’, organized by categories as applicable racks up yet more points. By this time, most visitors will be at least bookmarking your page for future reference.

Create an Award Winning Website Using Blogs

The best designed websites use blogs to give people extra information about a niche or product. A blog creates yet another reason for your visitors to return frequently. The casual visitor who takes a look at your blog and likes what they see, will continue to come back to see what’s the latest interesting snippet. That’s why it’s important to post regularly if you want to ratchet up your award winning website quotient.

When readers are able to post their take in response to your entry, it conveys a more personal feel to the relationship between them and you. Other warm and fuzzy touches include e newsletters with an RSS feed option.

The same holds true for free .pdf and video downloads. Increasing the number of contacts you can make with your visitors and customers eventually results in greater numbers of sales, because through these venues, your customers gain trust in you, your products, services and your company.

The last of our signatures of the award winning website?

A responsive contacts list! This is most important in cinching that best impression. When a customer queries you and receives a prompt response – within the day – this demonstrates your commitment to your customers.These guideposts will help you become an award winning website in design and with your customers – which is where it counts for your online business!

Learn More about Website Designing

If you are a beginner and not sure where to get started as a web designer find the info about how to design your own web site by going here. After reading this, I hope you are a little more knowledgeable about award winning web design plans. Now is the time to put some of these ideas to work.

Okay, you know the ingredients of the best designed websites so what’s next? It’s time to take action of course!

Take time to research and study some of the best website designs you can find and then use those elements (don’t copy) in your own designing process. In other words, use what works!

Best Designed Websites