Beginner Web Design Courses Online

Getting Started with Beginner Web Design Courses Online

When you first take a look at HTML web design code, you will probably be a little confused. It might look Beginner web design courses onlinelike gibberish at first! Thankfully, online web design courses can make designing pages in HTML easy.

How Do These Web Design Courses Work?

You can take your time and learn it from scratch when taking beginner web design courses online.

You can learn one basic step at a time, and then grow your skills gradually.

First Step in Learning Web Design

The first step to learning to design websites is to find a course that covers all the basics in “beginner” language, not computer jargon.

Otherwise, you’ll be pulling your hair out before you even get started! Find courses that teach about securing web hosting services and a domain name… and that explain what these are and their purpose.

Make sure the basic structure of HTML web pages is covered as well. This will help you understand the foundation & structure of a website, which is something you’ll need to know before learning CSS, PHP, JavaScript, CGI, etc.

Interaction with Customers

Once you learn about basic structure, most online web design courses will teach you how to create features on your site to help you interact with customers.

You’ll need contact information (e-mail form, contact phone, address, IM (instant messaging) or live chat, etc.).

Your site might have a registration for new users so they can log on each time they need to use features of your site.

Creating an interactive site might sound easy enough until you start installing scripts and software and trying to make it work.

Look for online web design courses that teach you how to create a site like this step by step.

Product Displays

Another feature you might need is a shopping cart and/or product database. A shopping cart enables your users to shop for multiple items and place them in an online “cart” for future viewing.

It keeps tabs on which products have been selected, what to charge on shipping and taxes for each item, and collecting payment through credit cards.

Shopping carts usually go hand in hand with a third party payment processing service (such as or a merchant account.

Some designing lesson don’t go this deep but you should find some online web design courses for beginners who need to learn these steps.

Keeping in Touch with Visitors

Another important aspect of a web design class is to teach you about keeping in contact with your site’s visitors. You can use a subscription form to collect e-mails using “double opt-in” subscriptions.

This gives you permission to e-mail users regularly with site updates, special offers and even a newsletter or e-zine. Keeping in touch will help build trust and get repeat visitors to your site. This results in more sales!

beginer web design courseCheck out online web design courses that focus on design and results. Some will teach you the basics of website designing and then leave you hanging without a clue as to how to move forward.

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Don’t forget -your site will have to be attractive to visitors as well as the search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) should be built into your design.

You’ll want to be able to design a fully operational site, but also make it work for your visitors and promotional goals!

Beginner Web Design Courses Online