Beginner Web Design Class

Beginner Web Design Class: 6 Must-Haves for Learning Designing

Are you getting ready to enroll in a web design class? Whether taking a webmaster course online or in a physical classroom, there are some must-haves to look for in modern-day web training. Here are six fundamentals that any good course should have:

1. Basic HTML TrainingBeginner web design class

A web design class should feature extensive training in basic HTML (hypertext markup language). It’s important to learn all you can about the basics of HTML coding.

You’ll need to conquer this before moving forward in website design because this is the foundation of every web page and programming language.

Look for courses with copy and paste examples so you can see what the code entails.

2. Building Templates for Training

Look for a webmaster course that trains while allowing you to build templates. The best way to learn web design is through trial and error.

Learn as you build. Seeing a finished template with each designing function in place will let you spot any errors in your code so you can correct mistakes as you go along. Some courses use WYSIWYG editors to help achieve this so you can easily switch back and forth as you write the HTML code.

3. Mini-Site Design

While designing full functioning websites is important, you should also consider a web course that teaches you to design mini sites. Mini sites can be great income generators if you want to sell your own product or e-book. They are fairly easy and quick to set up when you need to put up multiple sites for sales.

4. Incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Another feature to look for in a web design class is if it teaches you how to incorporate SEO web marketing into every page of your site. SEO is more than just adding a keyword here and there, it’s about optimizing your written content, text links and graphics/photos with keywords and phrases that get results, you can try to find some local SEO techniques to help you.

5. Selling on Your Site

Good web design classes should teach you a little about selling on your site if that’s what you plan to do. What good is a jam-up design if your site doesn’t convert its visitors to buyers?

Look for a course that shows you how to create effective headers and headlines, sales copy, etc. You’ll want to learn how to build credibility with your site’s design as well so customers will trust you.

6. Ongoing Promotions

While some courses only teach the design aspect, you can find a web design class that also teaches you how to promote your site effectively. Look for features such as search engine marketing tips, buying traffic through pay-per-click ads, ezine advertising, etc.

If you plan to start an e-zine newsletter, you might find instructions on how to set up a newsletter autoresponder and incorporate sign-up forms into your design.

If having a successful web site was only about basic design, then you wouldn’t need all this extra training.

But because there’s so much more to designing than just putting up a web page, you need a web design class that’s going to move you toward your website goals!

Beginner Web Design Class