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Background Screens – Can They Read Your Text?

Build Your Background Screens with a Contrasting Color Scheme

background screens

Just because you are a beginner in web design doesn’t mean your site has to be unprofessional.

This lesson covers text color schemes and how to use them on the background screen for maximum effect.

Beginners Sometimes Use Blending Color Scheme on Websites – Don’t Do It! Your Visitors Must be Able to Read Your Text

In order to properly see text on the computer screen, it is really best to use contrasting colors. This is why black and white are typically used.

However there has been a recent emergence of gray text on background screens on both personal and professional websites.

This odd switch does not seem to make much sense. One would think that gray text is too difficult to read, especially when competing with intricate background screens.

This Text You Are Reading is Normally the Best Color Choice – Black on a White Background

Things are not always so simple when it comes to text contrast and background screens.

While black on white is the prime choice for paper it may not be the best choice for the computer screen, either.

Black text on a white background screen is more readable than gray text on a white backdrop on mobiles browsers.If this is the case, then why are so many companies and individuals opting to use the gray colors?

There is a valid reason for choosing the unusual color for text.

Even though black text on light background screens is more readable, gray text looks better on the computer screen. It also looks coherent with the different background screen because it blends with the overall design.

Looks VS. Practicality in Web Content

This is where you need to make a decision.

Should you choose the trendy color text to make the entire web page look coherent and generally nice when doing this leads to the possibility that people who visit your site may not be able to read the text very well?

From a designer’s point of view the answer is “yes.” However a writer who is concerned with content would not agree at all.

Why are People Visiting Your Website?

The other thing to consider is the purpose of your site. Are you conveying a message or are you selling a product?

The purpose of the SEO Brisbane site has a very important impact on whether or not you should use contrast with the text on your background screens or whether you should go for an overall cohesive looking web design that integrates the text into the overall layout.

Creating the Best Website Design Making Text Color and Background Decisions

It is a good sign if you having trouble choosing. This means that you want to create a website that is as appealing to the eye as it is informative to the mind.

There is a way to accomplish both. Some savvy web designers are creating gray background screens that break down the harsh contrast.

This allows you to incorporate black text into your content without having the text work against the background screens. But, the choice is always yours.

You may have to compromise but remember that content is king on most websites and, after all, it’s information your customer is looking for.

This completes the lesson on creating background screens. Not such a chore, is it?

Now, if you really want to get a website on a whim; take on your own personal or business website; or, maybe you want to become a webmaster and make websites for other people.

Background Screens