AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Course (CLF-C01) – Pass the Exam!

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Prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification and pass!

✏️ Developed by Andrew Brown of ExamPro

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⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:13:10) Introduction
⌨️ (00:17:35) Cloud Concepts
⌨️ (00:46:56) Getting Started
⌨️ (01:19:37) Digital Transformation
⌨️ (01:27:40) The Benefits of the Cloud
⌨️ (01:33:54) Global Infrastructure
⌨️ (02:14:28) Cloud Architecture
⌨️ (02:37:50) Management and Developers Tools
⌨️ (04:15:23) Shared Responsibility Model
⌨️ (04:34:20) Compute
⌨️ (05:27:48) Storage
⌨️ (06:05:26) Databases
⌨️ (06:35:39) Networking
⌨️ (06:57:27) EC2
⌨️ (07:49:10) EC2 Pricing Models
⌨️ (08:08:09) Identity
⌨️ (08:53:55) Application Integration
⌨️ (09:05:22) Containers
⌨️ (09:16:11) Goverance
⌨️ (09:44:39) Provisioning
⌨️ (10:05:34) Serverless
⌨️ (10:10:04) Windows on AWS
⌨️ (10:18:46) Logging
⌨️ (10:32:39) ML AI BigData
⌨️ (10:52:52) AWS Well Architected Framework
⌨️ (11:14:35) TCO and Migration
⌨️ (11:30:41) Billing and Pricing
⌨️ (12:25:50) Security
⌨️ (13:11:08) Variation Study

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48 thoughts on “AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Course (CLF-C01) – Pass the Exam!”

    1. Adetutu.J Gbajumo

      It hurts…knowing that I literally paid to study this and here I am learning again because I didn’t understand at all.

  1. Perfect timing on this video. I’m taking this exam in two days so i’m going to binge through it over the next two nights before the exam. Thank you FCC!

    1. @RGBWill well done. Mine is Thursday, I’m doing a combination of pre-exams on Udemy and Cloud Guru, but will also watch this video. Congrats. Anything you think I should look out for in particular around exam?

  2. The hero we need. Thank you Andrew Brown for sharing your wisdom with the global developer community. You are a teacher’s teacher.


    Wow it’s truly amazing that there are people whom are willing to pour their expertise into others for the growth of the collective!

  4. To me, this guy is awesome especially if he has the patience to create a 13h+ contents for mankind…Very appreciative and well done…For those who may think this long, spend 3 to 4 hours a day consistently and you will be done in three to four days…My hat off to you…

    1. IIUC, it’s monetized and longer clips get a zillion more views due to the fact that serious people are going to come back many times to continue watching, and not in one go. It’s great that YouTube can incentivize Mr. Brown for a course like this.

  5. Wonderful video. Covered almost 100% of the exam. Loved the services tutorials on the AWS console. A little fast for first timers though but I think that this is what the rewind for 😁. Thanks for your excellent work 👌

  6. Thank you for the amazing content. Its easy to understand and in a logical sequence, i like the fact that simple anecdotes and in depth knowledge has been shared to help get fundamentals right – rather than just memorize. Community- need some help on what exactly i need to look at in follow alongs, they look a bit tedious(i have tired a few basic stuff on my own – like created account, created an instance, created a basic bucket, IAM rules etc). but all using the management console…. logged in to CMD too to just establish a connection – not great at coding and scripts though , do i need to know all for the practitioner. All who have passed the test please?

  7. Andrew Brown, Thank you for your efforts and materials!
    I’ve just passed my Cloud practitioner exam and your video was vital in achieving this!
    Straw exercises were funny 😄

    My great appreciation!
    With regards,

  8. Juan David Torres

    00:00 Meet Your Instructor
    02:05 Is CCP right for me?
    13:11 Exam Guide Walkthrough
    15:47 Practice Exam Sample

    Cloud Concepts
    17:35 What is Cloud Computing?
    18:19 Evolution of Cloud Hosting
    21:13 What is Amazon?
    22:46 What is AWS?
    25:28 What is a Cloud Service Provider?
    27:24 Landscape of CSPs
    30:05 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud
    33:28 AWS Services Preview
    34:52 Evolution of Computing
    40:00 Types of Cloud Computing
    44:53 Cloud Computing Deployment Models

    Getting Started

    46:57 Create an AWS Account
    48:42 Create IAM User
    56:23 AWS Region Selector
    58:26 Overbilling Story
    1:02:37 AWS Budgets
    1:06:56 AWS Free Tier
    1:09:43 Billing Alarm
    1:14:23 Turning on MFA

    Digital Transformation

    1:19:41 Innovation Waves
    1:20:49 Burning Platform
    1:21:31 Digital Transformation Checklist
    1:22:48 Evolution of Computing Power
    1:25:50 Amazon Braket

  9. CHITUS💖⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Thank you so much Andrew and those who would like to share their time and effort and knowledge online. It makes learning more convenient and easier like me who have very limited resources!

  10. Ravikumar Swaminathan

    Thanks a lot Andrew for the excellent content.. I am working on AWS almost an year but was scared to take any certification due to fear in passing it. I just watched your video 1hr daily n gained the confidence. It’s a must watch series anyone looking to get started with AWS. Thanks for all the day/night efforts you had put on this video. Good luck, keep spreading love and knowledge.

    1. ​@Gbolahan Onabokun just passed this exam yesterday, prepared only 2 days! this video and just remembered some AWS technologies(product names), and that’s all! but i recommend to prepare at least 5-7 days. Good luck

    2. Abdalla Mohammad

      Do I need to follow along for all the materials on CLI, SDK so that I can pass the exam or these parts are not important ?

  11. jaeyouarekillingme

    8:19:40 – Single Sign-on
    8:20:26 – Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
    8:21:31 – Multi-Factor-Authenication
    8:22:27 – Security Keys
    8:23:42 – AWS Identity and Access Management (AIM)
    8:25:04 – Anatomy of an AIM Policy + Follow along

  12. Download all the slides from here ->

    Cloud Concepts
    17:37 What is cloud computing
    18:20 Evolution of cloud computing
    21:13 What is Amazon
    22:48 What is AWS
    31:09 Common Cloud Services
    27:23 Landscape of CSPs
    30:03 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud
    31:07 Common Cloud Services
    32:19 AWS Technology Overview
    33:26 AWS Services Preview (FA)
    34:51 Evolution of Computing
    40:01 Types of Cloud Computing
    41:50 Cloud Computing Deployment Models
    44:54 Deployment Models Use Cases

    Getting Started
    46:57 Create an AWS account
    48:44 Create IAM user
    56:25 AWS Region Selector
    58:29 Overbilling Story
    1:02:38 AWS Budgets
    1:06:57 AWS Free Tier
    1:09:44 Billing Alarm
    1:14:26 Turning on MFA

    Digital Transformation
    1:19:38 Innovation Waves
    1:20:50 Burning Platform
    1:21:33 Digital Transformation Checklist
    1:22:49 Evolution of Computing Power
    1:22:52 Amazon Braket

    The Benefits of Cloud
    1:27:42 The Benefits of Cloud
    1:29:37 The Six Advantages of Cloud
    1:31:34 The Six Advantages of Cloud Doc Reference
    1:32:17 The Seven Advantages of Cloud

    AWS Global Infrastructure
    1:33:57 AWS Global Infrastructure Overview
    1:34:52 AWS Global Infrastructure Follow Along
    1:35:45 Regions
    1:38:09 Regions vs Global Services
    1:39:57 Availability Zones (AZs)
    1:42:35 Regions vs AZ Visualized
    1:43:42 Selecting Regions and AZs Follow Along
    1:47:13 Fault Tolerance
    1:50:44 AWS Global Network
    1:52:33 Points of Presence (PoP)
    1:53:36 Tier 1
    1:54:14 AWS Services using PoPs
    1:55:29 AWS Direct Connect
    1:56:52 Direct Connect Location
    1:57:26 AWS Local Zones
    1:58:56 Wavelength Zones
    1:59:59 Data Residency
    2:02:37 AWS for Government
    2:03:25 GovCloud
    2:04:51 AWS in China
    2:06:32 AWS in China Follow Along
    2:07:30 Sustainability
    2:09:20 Sustainability Follow Along
    2:10:35 AWS Ground Station
    2:11:54 AWS Outposts

    Cloud Architecture
    2:14:30 Cloud Architecture Terminologies
    2:16:18 High Availability
    2:17:20 High Scalability
    2:18:00 High Elasticity
    2:18:53 Fault Tolerance
    2:19:39 High Durability
    2:20:17 Business Continuity Plan
    2:21:22 Disaster Recovery Options
    2:24:02 RTO Visualized
    2:25:38 RPO Visualized
    2:27:03 Architectural diagram examples
    2:34:15 HA Follow Along

    Management and Development Tools
    2:37:50 AWS API
    2:39:48 AWS API Follow Along
    2:42:04 AWS Management Console
    2:42:55 AWS Management Follow Along
    2:45:20 Service Console
    2:46:23 Service Console Follow Along
    2:49:41 AWS Account ID
    2:50:45 AWS Account ID Follow Along
    2:54:23 AWS Tools for PowerShell
    2:55:28 AWS Tools fro PowerShell Follow Along
    3:02:49 Amazon Resource Names
    3:04:46 ARN Follow Along
    3:07:06 AWS CLI
    3:08:53 AWS CLI Follow Along
    3:21:17 AWS SDK
    3:22:04 AWS SDK Follow Along
    3:37:05 AWS CloudShell
    3:38:16 Infrastructure as Code (But says AWS CLI, maybe wrong)
    3:39:45 CloudFormation
    3:40:41 CloudFormation Follow Along
    3:55:43 CDK
    3:57:55 CDK Follow Along
    4:06:35 AWS Toolkit for VSCode
    4:07:48 Access Keys
    4:10:08 Access Keys Follow Along
    4:12:03 AWS Documentation
    4:13:09 AWS Documentation Follow Along

    Shared Responsibility Model
    4:15:22 Introduction to Shared Responsibility Model
    4:16:22 AWS Shared Responsibility Model
    4:19:55 Types of Cloud Responsibilities
    4:22:11 Shared Responsibility for Compute
    4:28:46 Shared Responsibility Model Alternate
    4:33:05 Shared Responsibility Model Architecture

    4:34:19 EC2 Overview
    4:35:59 VMs, Containers and Serverless
    4:38:41 Compute Follow Along
    4:58:04 High Performance Computing (HPC)
    5:00:04 HPC Follow Along
    5:16:26 Edge and Hybrid
    5:18:10 Edge Computing Follow Along
    5:25:58 Cost & Capacity Management

    5:27:47 Types of Storage Services
    5:30:26 Introduction to S3
    5:32:17 S3 Storage Classes
    5:34:54 AWS Snow Family
    5:36:51 Storage Services
    5:40:10 S3 Follow Along
    5:47:34 EBS Follow Along
    5:50:24 EFS Follow Along
    5:59:58 Snow Family Follow Along

    6:05:26 What is a Database
    6:06:56 What is a data warehouse?
    6:08:25 What is a key value store?
    6:10:11 What is a document database?
    6:11:08 NoSQL Database Services
    6:12:59 Relational Database Services
    6:15:48 Other Database Services
    6:17:46 DynamoDB Follow Along
    6:22:34 RDS Follow Along
    6:28:51 Redshift Follow Along

    6:35:39 Cloud-Native Networking Services
    6:37:07 Enterprise/Hybrid Networking Services
    6:38:13 Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) & Subnets
    6:39:49 Security Groups vs NACLs
    6:41:07 Security Groups vs NACLs Follow Along
    6:54:46 AWS CloudFront (FA)

    6:57:27 Introduction to EC2
    6:59:00 EC2 Instance Families
    7:01:43 EC2 Instance Types
    7:03:29 Dedicated Host vs Dedicated Instances
    7:05:33 EC2 Tenancy
    7:06:17 Launch an EC2, SSH and Sessions Manager
    7:26:33 Elastic IP
    7:29:30 AMI and Launch Template
    7:35:45 Launch an ASG
    7:40:08 Launch an ALB
    7:46:41 Cleanup

    EC2 Pricing Models
    7:49:09 EC2 Pricing Models
    7:51:18 On Demand
    7:52:51 Reserved
    7:56:07 RI Attributes
    7:57:02 Regional and Zonal RI
    7:58:18 RI Limits
    7:59:24 Capacity Reservations
    8:00:38 Standard vs Convertible RI
    8:01:45 RI Marketplace
    8:03:00 Spot
    8:04:20 Dedicated
    8:06:14 Savings Plan

    8:08:09 Zero-Trust Model
    8:09:55 Zero-Trust on AWS
    8:13:17 Zero-Trust on AWS with Third-Parties
    8:15:00 Directory Service
    8:16:18 Active Directory
    8:17:28 Identity Providers
    8:19:38 Single-Sign-On
    8:20:26 LDAP
    8:21:32 Multi-Factor-Authentication
    8:22:26 Security Keys
    8:23:43 AWS IAM
    8:25:05 Anatomy of an IAM Policy
    8:27:07 IAM Policies Follow Along
    8:46:57 Principle-of-Least-Privilege
    8:49:12 AWS Account Root User
    8:52:31 AWS SSO

    Application Integration
    8:53:53 Introduction to Application Integration
    8:54:37 Queueing and SQS
    8:55:46 Streaming and Kinesis
    8:57:02 Pub-Sub and SNS
    8:59:08 API Gateway and Amazon API Gateway
    9:00:27 State Machines and AWS Step Functions
    9:01:23 Event Bus and Amazon Event Bridge
    9:03:17 Application Integration Services

    9:05:22 VMs vs Containers
    9:07:49 What are Microservices?
    9:09:21 Kuberenetes
    9:10:41 Docker
    9:12:21 Podman
    9:13:23 Container Services

    9:16:09 Organizations and Accounts
    9:18:48 AWS Control Tower
    9:20:50 AWS Config
    9:22:29 AWS Config Follow Along
    9:30:15 AWS Quick Starts
    9:31:04 AWS QuickStarts Follow Along
    9:33:37 Tagging
    9:34:43 Tag Name Follow Along
    9:35:48 Resource Groups
    9:36:38 Resource Groups Follow Along
    9:42:25 Business Centric Services

    9:44:37 Provisioning Services
    9:47:21 AWS Elastic Beanstalk
    9:48:52 AWS Elastic Beanstalk Follow Along

    Serverless Services
    10:05:31 What is Serverless?
    10:07:51 Serverless Services

    Windows on AWS
    10:10:01 Windows on AWS
    10:11:45 EC2 Windows Follow Along
    10:16:53 AWS License Manager

    10:16:53 Logging Service
    10:20:07 AWS Cloud Trail
    10:21:44 CloudWatch Alarm
    10:22:42 Anatomy of an Alarm
    10:23:49 Log Events
    10:16:53 Log Insights
    10:26:47 CloudWatch Metrics
    10:27:29 AWS CloudTrail Follow Along

    ML, AI and Big Data
    10:32:36 Introduction to ML and AI
    10:34:28 AI and ML Services
    10:37:52 BigData and Analytics Services
    10:42:11 Amazon QuickSight
    10:43:26 QuickSight Follow Along

    AWS Well-Architected Framework
    10:52:48 AWS Well-Architected Framework
    10:54:21 General Defintions
    10:55:38 On Architecture
    10:57:35 Amazon Leadership Principles
    10:59:05 General Design Principles
    11:00:54 Anatomy of a Pillar
    11:01:59 Operational Excellence
    11:03:17 Security
    11:04:47 Reliability
    11:05:54 Performance Efficiency
    11:07:22 Cost Optimization
    11:08:49 AWS Well-Architected-Tool
    11:09:31 Well-Architected Framework and Tool- Follow Along
    11:13:28 AWS Architecture Center

    TCO and Migration
    11:13:28 TCO and Migration
    11:14:33 Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    11:17:40 CAPEX vs OPEX
    11:19:07 Shifting-IT Personnel
    11:20:43 AWS Pricing Calculator
    11:21:45 AWS Pricing Calculator Follow Along
    11:24:14 Migration Evaluator
    11:25:00 VM Import Export
    11:25:51 Database Migration Service
    11:28:04 Cloud Adoption Framework

    Billing, Pricing and Support
    11:30:35 AWS Free Services
    11:31:32 AWS Support Plans
    11:36:17 Technical Account Manager
    11:38:04 AWS Support Follow Along
    11:45:27 AWS Marketplace
    11:46:26 AWS Marketplace Follow Along
    11:47:41 Consolidated Billing
    11:49:07 Consolidated Billing Volume Discounts
    11:50:38 AWS Trusted Advisor
    11:53:47 AWS Trusted Advisor Follow Along
    11:58:29 SLAs
    11:59:57 AWS SLA Examples
    12:02:48 AWS SLA Follow Along
    12:03:23 Service Health Dashboard
    12:04:03 AWS Personal Health Dashboard
    12:04:56 AWS Abuse
    12:06:32 AWS Abuse Report Follow Along
    12:07:14 AWS Free Tier
    12:10:09 AWS Credits
    12:11:06 AWS Partner Network
    12:13:28 AWS Budgets
    12:15:10 AWS Budget Reports
    12:15:44 AWS Cost and Usage Reports
    12:16:49 Cost Allocation Tags
    12:17:37 Billing Alarms
    12:18:24 AWS Cost Explorer
    12:19:45 AWS Cost Explorer Follow Along
    12:22:03 Programmatic Pricing APIs
    12:23:06 AWS Savings Plan Follow Along

    12:25:44 Defense-In-Depth
    12:27:24 CIA Triad
    12:28:59 Vulnerabilities
    12:29:57 Encryption
    12:30:45 Cyphers
    12:31:51 Cryptographic Keys
    12:33:05 Hashing and Salting
    12:34:56 Digital Signatures and Signing
    12:36:38 In-Transit vs At-Rest Encryption
    12:37:51 Compliance Programs
    12:41:57 AWS Compliance Programs Follow Along
    12:42:40 Pen Testing
    12:43:51 Pen Testing Follow Along
    12:44:40 AWS Artifact
    12:45:21 AWS Artifact Follow Along
    12:47:31 AWS Inspector
    12:48:36 DDoS
    12:49:59 AWS Shield
    12:52:30 AWS Guard Duty
    12:54:08 AWS Guard Duty Follow Along
    12:56:40 Amazon Macie
    12:57:49 AWS VPN
    12:59:00 AWS WAF
    13:00:29 AWS WAF Follow Along
    13:03:19 Hardware Security Module
    13:05:49 AWS KMS
    13:07:05 AWS KMS Follow Along
    13:09:19 CloudHSM

    Variation Study
    13:10:59 Know Your Initialisms
    13:13:42 AWS Config AWS AppConfig
    13:14:39 SNS vs SQS
    13:16:16 SNS vs SES vs PinPoint vs Workmail
    13:19:18 Amazon Inspector vs AWS Trusted Advisor
    13:20:18 Connect Named Services
    13:21:26 Elastic Transcoder vs MediaConvert
    13:22:27 AWS Artifact vs Amazon Inspector
    13:23:13 ELB Variants

  13. Literally just passed my exam this past weekend using only this and a few free practice exams as my only two resources. Excellent video, make sure to follow along and keep your own notes and you shouldn’t need to look anywhere else but right here.

    1. can you please tell what are the 2 resources that you’ve used for the practice exams

  14. Passed my AWS CCP exam today! This course and and two practice tests from exampro was all I used. Took 1 week and I watched the video on 1.5x speed and stopped to take notes. No previous experience in cloud.

    1. Fernando Martinez

      Thank you for your comment it’s such a motivation
      Did you watch any other videos or just that one?

  15. Can’t believe this is free! Watched this video at 1.5 speed after taking the ACG course and AWS’s own exam prep material. Learned a good bit and helped fill in knowledge gaps. Highly recommend. Thank you!

  16. Ahmed Al Jarouf

    I just passed my exam yesterday. Thanks to this course and the practice exams on Exampro. That’s literally all I used to prepare. Great job Andrew and team! Thanks!

    1. Mohit Chhangani

      Hey congrats !!! could you please talk about the format? time? and the weight? Is it still the same as described in the video?

  17. Soumya Shivananjegowda

    Thank you for making such a long sequence video comprising all possible concepts for CCP level. Your this selfless service is much appreciated! Thanks again 🙂

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