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Autoresponder Reviews – Aweber Get Response

Aweber and Driving Traffic with Ezine Newsletters – Autoresponder Reviews

autoresponder reviewsSuccessful online marketing requires having a method of continuous contact with new and existing customers to build trust and income.

There’s no better way to build customer trust than to use autoresponders.

These autoresponder reviews aim to help you decide which service is right for you among a few of the most popular autoresponder services available on the Web.

Autoresponder Review of Aweber, Get Response & Autoresponse Plus

What is an Autoresponder?

It is an automatic e-mail response, which can be set up through your e-mail account to respond to certain types of e-mails based on preset criteria.

For example, an e-mail sent to “” might prompt an automatic “Welcome” issue to be sent to your recipient immediately.

This means your site visitors won’t have to wait on you to personally send out an e-mail… autoresponders go out automatically when prompted!

An autoresponder service goes even further than this and helps you build list campaigns for your e-zine (newsletter and other services sent by e-mail).

You can offer free product downloads and get sign-ups for your list with very little effort once the autoresponder subscription forms are set up on your website. Read the autoresponder review for several services below to see which might meet your needs.

Aweber Autoresponders

With Aweber, you can quickly and easily get a newsletter like mine set up for your site (This is the autoresponder I currently use).

Use new campaigns and create multiple lists if you have more than one website.

The program enables you to schedule multiple issues of your newsletter ahead of time through the creation of an autoresponder sequence.

Once set up, you can have hundreds of automatic e-mails going out to subscribers over time (like once or twice a week).

Create HTML Emails with Ease!

You can also create HTML or plain text e-mails and allow your subscribers to choose between the two formats.

When using the Aweber autoresponder, review various reports to see how well your newsletter is working when it goes out to subscribers.

Keep up with where your subscribers live (city, state, country) and which links are clicked on within each newsletter.

There are many other features, but these are the main ones Aweber offers pertaining to sending a basic newsletter.

It’s also very easy to customize subscription forms from Aweber’s sivte, and choose inline and hover or popup forms to suit your taste.

In a nutshell, it’s a very affordable program with incremental pricing based on how many subscribers you acquire. Sign up for Aweber here ..

Get Response

The next autoresponder review is for Get Response. This program offers similar features as Aweber but costs slightly less.

It offers newsletter customization features so you can add various types of media to your newsletters (audio, video, etc.).

And just like Aweber, Get Response offers a great tracking system that’s similar to that used by Google Analytics. It’s easy to track response rates, the number of opens and URL clicks in each message, and subscriber details.

Autoresponse Plus

Our third autoresponder review is for a software program called Autoresponse Plus.

While both Get Response and Aweber are hosted on their servers (not yours), Autoresponse Plus is an actual downloadable software that you’ll install on your own server.

There’s an upfront cost for this system, depending on how many licenses you’ll need. But after the initial investment you can use it however long you wish.

Though you’ll have more freedom with this program, installing and setting it up can be somewhat technical, so you might need assistance if you’re not a techie!

The Autoresponder Wars? Take These Reviews into Consideration Before Buying

You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether or not you can handle any problems that may arise with this type of software. Also, you’ll have to ensure that your e-mails and subscription process is in compliance with CAN-SPAM laws.

Aweber autoresponder reviewsIn conclusion, the autoresponder reviews above give you a basic rundown of what these three programs offer.

You should still read all the features given at each website to determine which will work best for your business.

Internet marketing is an ever-growing venture. Autoresponders provide a great way to grow without getting bogged down with time-consuming tasks! CLICK HERE to See Current Specials & Trials for Aweber Autoresponders Now..

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