Augmented Reality for Everyone – Full Course

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Learn about Extended Reality / Augmented Reality from both a theoretical and practical perspective in this full course for beginners. Learn to develop AR mobile applications and AR Filters for Instagram and Facebook from scratch. Learn concepts from scratch such as XR Fundamentals, Unity Engine, C#, Markerbased AR Development and AR Filter development.

✏️ Course from Priyanshu Bhattaharjee. Check out his channel:

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⭐️ Code ⭐️
πŸ’» Project 1: AR Car Customizer:
πŸ’» Project 2: AR Business Card:
πŸ’» Project 3: AR Encyclopedia:

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00:00) Course Introduction
⌨️ (00:03:44) 1.0 Introduction to XR
⌨️ (00:37:00) 2.0 Installing Unity
⌨️ (00:45:31) 2.1 Unity Tutorial
⌨️ (01:51:48) 3.1 Intro to C#
⌨️ (02:10:02) 3.2 Comments, Variables, Data Types _ Type Casting
⌨️ (03:24:32) 3.3 Operators
⌨️ (04:12:28) 3.4 Conditionals
⌨️ (04:45:42) 3.5 Loops
⌨️ (05:20:39) 3.6 Arrays
⌨️ (05:43:35) 3.7 Functions
⌨️ (05:58:45) 3.8 Classes and Objects
⌨️ (06:26:21) 4.1 Marker Based Augmented Reality in Depth
⌨️ (06:57:32) 4.2 Setting up Vuforia and developing our first Vuforia App
⌨️ (07:26:17) 4.3 Free Resources
⌨️ (07:33:58) 4.4 Multiple Target Tracking
⌨️ (07:45:33) 4.5 Virtual Buttons
⌨️ (08:18:45) 4.6 AR Video Playback
⌨️ (08:33:06) 5.1 Project 1 AR Car Customizer
⌨️ (09:01:49) 5.2 Project 2 AR Business Card
⌨️ (09:46:48) 5.3 Project 3 AR Encyclopedia
⌨️ (10:45:07) 6.1 Introduction to Spark AR
⌨️ (10:57:52) 6.2 Face Tracker and Face Mesh
⌨️ (11:08:10) 6.3 Head Occluder
⌨️ (11:19:25) Final Project

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27 thoughts on “Augmented Reality for Everyone – Full Course”

  1. WOW VERY NICE. This suits for me perfectly because I’m using unity game engine and C# is my main language and this video is about creating AR in unity using C sharp, i can follow this video easily.

  2. Hey! Everyone πŸ‘‹ Priyanshu here πŸ˜€.

    I hope this course helps you getting started with Augmented Reality Development πŸ˜€.

    I would recommend you to subscribe my channel Coded Reality for more such courses for free πŸ˜€.


    You can also connect with me through my social media profiles


    1. Fallenblood Tutorials

      Thanks man u save my day I got project to create ar app I don’t have any knowledge about
      Really thanks man!😊😊

    2. Thank you! My next uni assessment will involve this so I’ve bookmarked this to refer back to when we start back again πŸ™‚

  3. He is 17 years old. Youngest person to do a course in Free Code camp? Pretty good job based on initial 10 mins of the video.

  4. He is called Invincible not Invisible you idiot!

    OK I’ve been in need of AR tutorial this couple of days and now it dropped. You guys must be spying or something I swear to God. THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT!

  5. Needed this course when I was doing my AR app for my dissertation (final year project) back in 2019 for university 😭 but glad its hear now though so I can actully make my app work πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

    1. Hopefully, I found it early and I might be applying some concepts in my future thesis

  6. This is actually amazing.

    Guy put a lot of effort not only in teaching but delivering actual projects.
    I’ll be back here soon to take this into it’s full depth.

    Thank you so much bro.

  7. Victoria Miller

    ❀️ Hermosa eleccion 4.FO/Elizeid de mejor
    1 (elecciones ) 9.9/10 2 ( culturales ) 9.7/10
    Son unos de los mejores conciertos
    , no-puede-ir-pero-de-tan-solo verlos
    desde pantalla,, se que estuvo
    Sorprendente .

  8. Divyesh Vasani

    This is perfect one to get started. Anyone knows – how to get image hq720 – which used for AR car customizer?

  9. Miguel Lourenco

    Great tutorial, thank you! Just a heads up in case somebody has the same problem as I did, on 8:59:17 don’t add the script directly to the button OnClick method, add the empty game object (that has the script). If you add the script directly to the buttons you’ll see it has no access to the methods. You said “add the ColorChanger script” but I’m sure you meant the empty game object with the script. This will hopefully save someone’s time

  10. The way he speaks reminds me of my teacher.🀣 Like saying one line over and over. Not a criticism and that has to do with my subclinical ADHD (I’m sure I have all the symptoms) but his alright alright made my adhd symptoms go all nuts. I was very distracted throughout the session. But hats off dude. You’re so talented. I’m sure with experience, your art of delivering lectures will develop. 😊

  11. Yoci Ceri Ellko Di'Viktori Watts

    That was lengthy yes… I just think its great that youre doing this talk and I dig how excited you are
    Made me hurry up and start researching something I worked on a while back a bit faster lol
    Good thing too
    Those dudes projecting directly into the eye are gonna hurt the hell outta someone
    They should watch what happens when you put three polarized lenses around a projected light
    Its like a small neutron star
    Great stuff! Don’t Ever stop ✨🌸

  12. Ashkan Kohandel

    Hi, I have a question I would be thankful if anyone could help. I am building an AR application using unity and vuforia engine and I want to add an image (an American actor image) instead of a texture to a 3d model (a telescope). I want to know how can I adjust the image to fit a 3d model so that a single image can sit exactly onto my 3d object since it is not a regular shape?

    1. Can you help me….I want to make an AR app which can scan the images and makes it into 3D …??…

  13. Can u do a tutorial on Machine Learning + AR for a typical object detection so that AR can work at any different angle ?

  14. 629_ ANIRBAN ROY

    i have a question, in here you are doing it on 2020 version but but i’ll be doing it on 2021 version, will there be much difference in these two?

  15. Vaibhavy Darshan

    this course is far better than i one I had purchased for learning ar vr!

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