ASP.NET Core Crash Course – C# App in One Hour

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Learn how to create a web database app in ASP.NET Core using Visual Studio and the C# language.

This tutorial will show you how to :
– Use the MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern.
– Configure database tables using the Entity framework.
– Setup of classes as models. Customize Razor forms.
– Create methods inside a controller.
– Style an ASP.NET page with CSS.
– Use Bootstrap classes.
– Create a search function to filter database results.

✏️ Course developed by Shad Sluiter. Check out his YouTube channel:

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31 thoughts on “ASP.NET Core Crash Course – C# App in One Hour”

  1. After six months studying I finally landed my first job as full stack developer working with C#, .Net, HTML, Javascript and Razor. I’m having some issues but this video served me very well. Seems like you read my mind, thanks!

    1. Thank you sir. Your tutorial helps me a lot understanding things that were a complete mystery.

    2. This video is very informative, I using VB for 25 years, and when I watch this video it convince me to migrate to C#, thank you Sir for sharing this video, you’ve helped a lot of new and Senior developers.

    3. add-migration “initialsetup”
      Build started…
      Build failed.
      i have this problem i use visual studio 2022 what shall i do

  2. Thanks so much! I’m in a job where I building desktop apps, so learning web development is all on me in my personal time, and videos like this one save me dozens of hours of personal time. 🙂

  3. Leszek Jezierski

    Great tutorial! Your students must be so lucky, you have a talent to pass a knowledge. All the best.

  4. Hi Shad! Thanks for en enjoyable lesson, although I knew most of it, I must say that few people upload videos with easy explanations as you do!

  5. Thank you very much, Shad, for such an amazing tutorial. Clearly, calm, productive, patient … what a great teacher you are! Just in one video explained every corner of an application. Fantastic tutorial!

  6. I really appreciate your teaching style. It is way helpful and very engaging. I have a request to please make a complete lecture on the CSharp Desktop Application management system or payroll like you create in Excel that lecture on Excel makes me confident to work in Excel smoothly and efficently. Thank you so much.

  7. itz your bwoy tchybooxuur!

    Thanks a lot, sir!
    This was incredibly well thought out and immensely helpful!

  8. Thank you for this video. As a beginner, this is the first I have come across which has pieced together MVC in a format I could follow, in full, step by step and understand what was happening.

  9. Heather Kloth

    I always wondered why my instructors never taught us core. It’s because they wanted us to write all the code out ourselves. But what a wonderful time saving tool this is! Thanks Shad!!! Great video!

    1. Because this doesn’t go down well At scale …. for small to medium toy apps its ok but when you talk about millions of users this things have bad and slower performance …….DAO is always faster and better

    2. I mean writing code yourself is a better way to remember and learn what the code actually does. It’s not recommended to do these if you don’t know what you’re doing

    3. Muhanad Ahmad

      When it comes to .NET you want to learn the whole thing because they change a lot every year.

    4. the problem with this framework is that microsoft dev team does a lot of radical changes every year, migrating the applications becomes a huge mess and is time consuming and costs a lot, that is why a lot of companies still stick with .net framework since microsoft said they won’t be updating it anymore and will only be releasing security fixes.

  10. Warren Villafranca

    The perfect beginner’s guide for us who are starting to learning and shifting to web development from desktop apps.

  11. No one understands how important annunciation is especially when teaching, this man is an amazing instructor

  12. Wow, that really was a crash course. I liked that it was intermediate-level with zero pandering. I have experience with Python, flask and C++ but was still able to follow everything here.

  13. Prof Shad, you are a gem. Teaching is one thing but teaching exceptionally with kindness is very rare today. We are fortunate to have receive such teaching from you.

  14. Awesome video professor! Glad I had the opportunity to learn so much from you in the past years at GCU!

  15. To everyone who, while Controller add step was getting an error, make sure you do exactly as the prof says “plus sign” and not choosing the line from drop down menu

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