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Article Marketing Tips – Want More Visitors & Income

Article Marketing Tips – 5 Ways to Promote Your Site with Articles

Likely, after you’ve finished learning your web design course you’ll want to increase website traffic which is why you are here. This report teaches some web marketing strategies which never seem to grow old. You’ll learn how to use article marketing, how to set up and optimize your web pages, how to brand your business and more.

There is also an insert about article spinning in case you are contemplating using it.

So, read the tips and make your articles produce visitors and more income!

What is Article Marketing?

When you hear the term “article marketing” your mind might wonder to the old school ways of using articles. Traditionally, articles would be written with certain keywords included throughout and then placed on the main website or submitted to article directories for back-linking.

But a lot has changed since the year 2000! With all the Google “animals” and other creatures it’s different, but not necessarily tougher. It’s a new age of online marketing, and articles are still worth far more than you think! Here are five ways to promote your site with articles to maximize their use in today’s ever changing online world.

1. Optimize with Skill

Don’t just throw in a few keywords while writing your articles. Research the keywords first. Find out which ones are getting searches each month and are low on competition.

Example: A keyword that gets 4,000 searches per month might get 2.5 million search results in Google, even with quotes around the keyword or phrase. Thankfully, there are many tools to help you find great key phrases to insert into your articles, such as Traffic Travis. There’s a free version so you can use all the great tools to maximize your SEO efforts with Vancouver SEO if you prefer.

2. Optimize the Article Page

Another step you don’t want to miss is to optimize the entire web page when adding articles to your own website. Article marketing involves a lot of factors, not just the actual article.

Search engines look at an overall site and web page to see what keywords are included in image “ALT TEXT” codes, text links, headings (H1, H2, etc.), and even the author resource area of the page.

So when you determine which keyword or phrase you need to target, sprinkle it throughout the page in various alternate forms as well.

3. Brand Your Business with Article Marketing

Use articles to brand your company or website name every chance you get. Use your company name or site address as an example in your articles.

Mention it at the conclusion of the article whenever possible. Include it in your resource box. Also, place a banner or logo of your product or company somewhere within the article and wrap a paragraph around the image (with spacing of course). This gets your readers to think about your company and products.

4. To Spin or Not to Spin

The only articles that you need to “spin” are those you don’t intend on placing at your own website for “original content” purposes.

Spinning is the art of taking an article and rewriting it different ways by using tools  and changing some of the words/phrases around so that it appears slightly different than the original.

This practice may be used to submit to some directories, but the articles might not have quite the high quality you desire if you use an article spinning software. Make sure the software allows you to make changes to the article without losing its meaning, and check each one manually if possible.

5. Social and Article Marketing

Every article should present a social opportunity to get more exposure. Take your article marketing to the next level by posting a short summary and link to the article page on Facebook, Twitter, Digg and other social sites, and you can market this social sites to have more ranking value by improving their views and reach.

This will help you build a following and keep your followers/fans informed of new material as you release it. Also, don’t forget about social bookmarking for your article pages.

An Ongoing Advantage of Article Marketing

Keep in mind that marketing with articles doesn’t only help you today… your articles & content will keep pulling targeted traffic to your site for years to come if you do it the right way.

Quality does matter when you’re using the information to bring customers to your site. So put your best foot forward, use these article marketing tips and watch your Internet business grow!

I hope these article marketing tips will give you a starting point to drive traffic to your website.

There is more to learn about Internet marketing and I will cover some of these promotion systems on later posts. See you next time! – Bob

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