Android App Development Tutorial for Beginners – Your First App

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Let's build our first Android app – a tip calculator! This video assumes NO prior experience with Android, and by the end you'll have something an app you could publish. We'll cover how to create the user interface with XML, and how to code the logic using the Kotlin programming language. These are the fundamental building blocks of any modern Android app.

We'll use the ConstraintLayout for the layout and two event listeners for the app logic. After you enter a base amount and a tip percentage, the app will calculate the tip and total for you. We also implement a tip percentage animation and a footer to make our app more unique.

➀ Learn Kotlin in 12 Minutes:
➀ Learn how to publish your app:
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32 thoughts on “Android App Development Tutorial for Beginners – Your First App”

    1. Hello can you plz plz plz uplaod a whole tutorial on medicine tracker and notification app as fast as possible plzzzz …I really need it… plzzz

    2. Prasanna Venkatesh

      Wonderful tutorial for beginners!
      Well-organised and covers almost all the basic stuff.

      @rahul Thank you helping me develop my first Android app.

  1. basically we are just paying to our college for a piece of paper (degree) and learning from utube university

    1. CS is not just android dev and web dev it is much more deeper than that and thts what we learn in degree

    2. @Hemanta kakati Actually, I’m in university right now for cs and everything I’m learning, you can basically find on the internet or youtube. In fact most of the stuff I learn, I later use youtube or google to help me learn it better. The only thing that school does is it tests your ability on your skills for cs and puts them more on display for you to get good paying jobs. But this can also be done if you’re a passionate programmer who puts his own time and effort into creating a portfolio of your own projects and programs that you’ve built to still getting good paying jobs out there. So you don’t necessarily have to go to college or university if you’re already a passionate programmer who thinks that you can utilize your time much better on your own in creating a portfolio that is much better than a degree.

    3. It is indeed true but somewhere school and colleges is also teaching us something which we rarely realize.

  2. Sir please make a java tutorial. Some of us are still using that language. Are there any drawbacks to sticking with it over kotlin for Android development? I was starting to understand oop and I suspect kotlin will need me to understand functional and I just wanna create now not learn

    1. You can use Kotlin in both OOP and FP. Kotlin I feel has a bit more pros to it than Java such as null pointer exceptions and automated getter and setter methods. Kotlin is also highly similar to Java so you should be able to pick up on syntax very quickly. Goodluck and start creating

  3. Thank you πŸ™ for amazing tutorial β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘ this is my first app πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

  4. Deeply appreciated!. It is really a perfect tutorial for the kotlin’s beginners. I have really enjoyed it.

  5. 12:00 For some reason, after I drag the constraint of the first text box to the top of the screen, setting the top margin to 48 is not working, it’s stuck at 0. It will work if I change it in the Code view, but I want it to work in the Design view. Can someone explain why this is happening please?

  6. Jonathan Villatoro CΓ³rdoba

    Thank you! This was an amazing tutorial, this is my very first kotlin Android App!

  7. Georgia SoftWorks Support

    good tutorial. I followed along doing this in java with no problems. It does a good job introducing to android apps as well as starting to use android studio.

  8. I loved this tutorial!
    Perfect explanation, simple concept, and great for dipping the toes…
    Android studio is complicated AF
    thanks a lot!

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