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Beginners Guide for Affordable Web Site Design Cheap Web Site Designing Options

Getting started you need to learn all you can about affordable web site design and hosting so this article is Affordable web site designbound to let you in on some secrets about how to find the cheapest website designing service or how to create Internet pages yourself.

If you’ve searched high and low, no matter if you are looking for a Dreamweaver tutorial or even CSS, here are some tips to speed up the process for you.

There are more ways than one about how to build a website easy and putting it online. It really depends on what type of page designing you’ll need.

Various Website Types

Here is a list of the types of websites – see where yours fits in:

*Simple, one page sales presentations selling only one product such as starting a home based business or designing a personal online presence.
*Catalog-type website featuring many products.
*Small business website design selling several individual products, but not enough to be considered a “database.”
*Website featuring customer log-in with interactive control panels set up for your visitors.
*Informational website where no products or services are sold.

Also consider what type of design language you would like to use: HTML (basic design) or PHP (for large database-driven sites).

Additional design functions and codes for adding features to your website include Javascript, CSS, MySQL Database, CGI, and others.

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Affordable Web Site Design for Each Website Type

No matter what type of site you plan to design, there are options for designing a web page for each. Here are some pointers…

How to Build an Easy Website Design and Save Money

Probably the cheapest web site design method is to create web pages yourself by taking a web design class from a college or tech school.

Or, if you have the time and want to put forth an effort to learn website design from home, you can do it – even if you’re a beginner.

There are many beginner web design courses available online that will show you step-by-step how to get your Internet pages up and running.

This method is only recommended if your website fits into one of these categories:

*Simple, one page sales presentations – selling only one product.
*Catalog-type website featuring many products.
*Small website selling several individual products, but not enough to be considered a “database.”
*Informational website where no products or services are sold.

Adding Products in your Website Designing Plan

Whether you need to add one or twenty products to your website, don’t fear. When designing your own website, you might find it much easier to add products using a payment processing service such as PayPal or StormPay.

These services provide payment buttons for each of your products, or even a shopping cart that you can easily customize and fit into your website. And, there are no charges up front. They only get a small percentage of each sale you make.

This is probably one of the most affordable web site design methods for adding products to your website.

Finding an Affordable Web Designing Service

If you must hire a web designer, follow these guidelines before making your choice.

RULE #1: Visit several websites that are similar to the way you want yours to look, and email them to find out which web designer they used. Sometimes, you’ll see a link near the bottom of the website that says “Site Design by….”

RULE #2: Explain how many pages you want, how many products, etc. before agreeing to a web design price. Also, be sure there are no hidden charges for logos or graphics. Ask upfront about any additional fees.

RULE #3: Be sure the web designer understands fully what you need to accomplish with your website.

RULE #4: Do your own research on keyword optimization, and let your web designer know what type of keywords you want on each web page. Otherwise, you might get “no keywords” which would hinder your search engine rankings!

RULE #5: Be patient, learn all you can about website design and hosting, but do expect a quick turnaround time. Most Internet sites can be designed within a month or less if only offering a few products or services. Be sure to get an estimated completion time before you agree to a web design service.

Cheap Website Design ServicesHow to find affordable web designers

Besides hiring a webmaster to get your site up and running instead of taking the web design class, you’ll also need to use other services for hosting, domain name registration, promotion, etc.

A final word – All this sounds great but remember, not all affordable web site designs are the same.

Just because someone promises to design your Internet site cheaply does not mean that you should hire him or her. There are very few formal certification programs for web professionals. She may not know much about web designing than you do!

Find someone to do affordable web site design with a body of work that you like. Insist on seeing a sample portfolio before you hire him or her! With these steps you’ll be enjoying your new website in no time at all!

As web design becomes cheaper and cheaper, people are willing to pay less and less money for it. It has gotten to the point where, for many people, the most affordable web site design is the design that they do themselves.

Beginner Courses and Programs for Web Design

Web design courses and programs make it so easy to get your web page off the ground that many people will not even pay a professional for cheap web site design any more. They feel like they are being ripped off if they do not do it by themselves.

Although I can appreciate this do-it-yourself sentiment, it still makes sense for serious businesses to hire a web developer. Just because you can design your own web page does not mean that you have the skills, the knowledge, or the technical savvy to do it well.

On the contrary, many of the greatest champions of affordable web site design have some of the worst web pages that you have ever seen. They will have broken links, bad layout, flash applets that do not work, and poor user interface.

About Amateur Web Design Technicians

These wannabe amateur web designers need to understand that you can – and should – have it both ways. A business needs to have affordable web site design that is also high quality web site design. Otherwise, they are just shooting themselves in the foot.

Concerning Web Site Design with Flash

This is especially true if you are using flash online design courses. It is possible to make your own web site design cheaply for simple web pages that consist mostly of text and links.

But remember, once the applications become complex, it may be time to bring in a professional. Believe it or not, you can find affordable web site designers for almost any need.

There are so many web designers out there right now that many are willing to give you a deal just to get some work! It will not cost you an arm and a leg, and it will make your page look better and your business, more professional.

Shop and Compare for Best Prices and Services

Of course, not all affordable web site designs are the same. Just because someone promises you affordable web site design does not mean that you should hire him. There is no or formal certification program for web professionals.

He may not know any more about web design than you do! Find someone to do affordable web site design with a body of work that you like.

Insist on seeing a portfolio before you hire him! If you are uncertain, ask for references. Or, you might decide to build your own website – either way is fine depending upon your time and finances available.