14 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Entrepreneurs Video

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14 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Entrepreneurs – Video Explains Simple Strategies for Marketing Online

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53 thoughts on “14 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Entrepreneurs Video”

  1. Awesome video Pat & the Valuetainment team! I run a tourism business based on a Island off the coast of QLD Australia, I recently had a truck put a 18ft x 9ft sign on it and parked it at the only bridge on or off the island. it received alot of attention, I ended up getting alot of work out of it and also speaking gig to present my product to a local club.

  2. Fitzgerald Charles

    Very inspiring. One of the methods i used that was effective for me was dropcards. So i had this company which created a splitting image of a $100 dollar bill but the size was smaller than the standard bill. On that bill i would write a message or call to action, fold it and just drop it on the street. It looks like money so someone is going to pick it up. I got many call backs from that method, some persons were pissed , some valued the creativity and some some the humor but most importantly it created a buzz and sent traffic my way

    1. Don’t do this ! You want your company to be associated with a good emotion. Fooling people with fake money will make them angry and many will refuse to ever buy from you.

      Try something that makes them happy instead

  3. Nick Sacchetti

    Pat, love the video. Great Ideas. When I was a financial advisor with Edward Jones here in Toronto, Canada, I used to deliver bottles of Heinz ketchup door to door and then follow up with a call to talk about Heinz stock. Did the same thing with those little coca cola glass bottles on a hot day. In the summer time I would leave little Coppertone kids sunscreen bottles and then follow up with our take on Merck stock. My goal was to help people understand what they were invested in and what they were missing out on.
    I did this for about 18 months straight and it brought in millions of dollars in assets basically set up my next 24 months worth of referrals. Great techniques here that I love.
    Thanks for putting this up.

  4. Hey Patrick, thanks for the video once again! I started doing business ever since I was probably 7 or 8 buying and selling toys/Pokemon cards, etc. One of my biggest business when I was a bit younger was when I was 15-18yrs old in the gang/street pharmascist business. To grow my business, I would need more people to start selling for me. I’ve tried many techniques and tricks to get people to “work” for me. Most of them didn’t work but I learned and learned from each person I met. Eventually i had a lot of girls that were always around me and only about 1 or 2 other guys who were not directly partners but they were very close friends at the time. I found out that my form of guerrilla marketing was actually being known as the guy with the girls. Now I didn’t know this at the time because it was so natural and it wasn’t really my intention to grow this business that way. It did work wonders. Now I know this sounds a bit weird of a story but it’s true. I’m 25 now and I’ve left the business due to all the craziness that follows that path of business. Nowadays I do a lot of online business and some offline wholesale consumer goods business. My guerrilla marketing for my offline wholesale is strictly Snapchat because Snapchat has 24 hours only and I like the quick sales of the products that I bring in. When people see my snaps, they are either funny as hell, cool as heck or I’m selling something that is extremely underpriced but great margins for myself. And when my snapchat friends meet up to buy the things I sell, we make a great connection and I have another friend/prospect for future things. Sometimes they are repairmen, mechanics, car salesmen, painters, chefs, tattooers, eyelash extension professionals, etc. After that, the cycle continues and I grow more connections and possibly find more opportunity from the connects I’ve made.
    Anyways just wanted to share! Loved this video so much because I love marketing and selling and this video hits the spot!

    1. “gang/street pharmascist business” lol fantastic! although not strictly legal the princeples of growth are nevertheless the same ha ha ha

  5. Marco Rodriguez - The eCom Project

    Really cool video, especially the end is important: “you can be as creative as you want” – and you SHOULD be! If everyone starts sending a shoe now to people, at some point it becomes totally lame and feels just like an artificial form of communication. There are some evergreens in guerilla marketing (like the first few), but if you need phenomenal results you have to think outside the box!

    1. I completely agree with you! Creativity is where we seperate ourselves from the rest, the way we show that we’re of more value than our competitors!

  6. SuperiorShine

    I am a high end auto detailer. When I finish a client’s vehicle I take a photo of the vehicle. That night I print business cards for my business using the clients freshly detailed vehicle. The next day I deliver the business cards to the client and ask them if they wouldn’t mind passing them out. They are first struck by the surprise of seeing their car on the business card. They are always more than happy to show off their pride and joy and refer me to their friends, family and colleagues.

    1. Gorilla Car Care

      @SuperiorShine I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’m reading this comment right now. If you see this, I’d love to get my products in your hands 🙌

    2. Great example of guerrilla marketing! I heard if you put a calendar on the reverse of your card more people keep them in their wallet…go one step further.. give them a few cards with their next appointments already marked in on the calendar …and give them a code to give their friends, when their friends and family come in to book a shine with that code you give them a discount…5 friends = a free shine!

  7. Boris Kizenko


    No rational person can say that the content you provide on Valuetainment is not the best for entrepreneurs on YouTube! But this video is something different. The stellar applications in this video are unique and inspiring in their success! Thanks for fighting the good fight for all entrepreneurs, even the teenage ones who have another whole set of challenges like me.

    The video I am waiting for next is why Valuetainment is not in the dictionary yet because everyone should know about your mission!

    Best regards!


    CEO of Heights Drones, LLC
    Aerial Marketing

    1. Boris Kizenko

      Hey Ayala! Good for you starting a business as a teen! I’d love to hear more about what you do. Shoot me an email and lets talk.


    2. Boris Kizenko

      Hey Elias,
      I would prefer to go more into detail over an email, so just hit me up there.  Thanks!


  8. Who would actually dislike Pat’s video’s!!! Pat you are amazing! Could you please do a video on how to manage your first major won investment. How do you budget and distribute the money for maximum survival whilst not jeopardising your growth. Thank you!

    1. Stephen Warren

      Nazanin N Great question. Would like a video for this as well. Especially with your Financial Advisor background. Sure you have a lot of great tips in that brain of yours.

    2. @Haylie R. Wilson The piggy bank one didn’t sound right to me.
      Heres a free piggy bank little Johnny, when it gets to 100 come to me and I give you the other 100.

      The dad in the story is just going to put $100 in the piggy bank, and then send little Johnny to Pat to pick up the other free $100 Pat promised.

      Then again, maybe I’m just being tricked into leaving a comment.

  9. The read between the lines message here I don’t think is the techniques used, but the target market. Pat made a list of specifically targeted people before doing any of these techniques. If you hand out Chinese festival flyers to a mainly African community it will get less response than if you handed them out in a more Chinese area. Having a target market of who you are trying to sell to makes life a lot easier when marketing and will yield higher returns.


    Congrats Patrick . You are doing an awesome work . Your passion and talent will continue growing and helping more people to develop there dreams . God bless you. 👊🏻🙌🏻

  11. Absolutely awesome video. I currently am a college student so I loved the snap chat filter idea. At the end of the video you mentioned using hundreds of tactics. I think that might be a interesting page to add on your website, similar to your top 100 book list.

  12. Stephanie Niles

    Genius – awesome Pat! Your brand does not disappoint, a lot of value here as always. Thank you, and hope your business continues to grow!

  13. Red Bull used to put empty cans in the clubs back then to make it seem like the product was in high demand

  14. Thank you so much for this 14 tips. It’s really helpful since i’m just starting my own local business and on the stage of planning our marketing strategies. More power!

    1. Thanks Pat. Love these tips! We are going to be talking soon my friend!

    2. Buitron Academy GLOVES OFF with Professeur Buitrón

      Thank you for reminding me of guerrilla advertising..used some and many new ones I learned… peace

    3. Larry Leininger

      John f Kennedy said not what you do for you is what you can do for a sunshine and do right positive and get better things and causing trouble good luck have a good day

  15. You really putting in unbelievable amount of work to get to where you’re. 💯💯 much respect.

  16. Thanks, Patrick, this video was very inspirational and motivating! We’ll definitely try to promote our e-commerce platform with a mix of some of these powerful tactics. Our CEO especially liked the shoe tactic! :))

  17. I’m so mad I just found this channel, I was trying to stay off social media’s for years and years but I didn’t know what I was missing. Thank you pat.

  18. Thank you Pat!!! 1000000000 times, i can say you played a huge role in me starting my business, of wich im very proud and happy and exited 🙂 cheers man! wish you and yours all the best!!! great content, the best on my opinion!
    greetings from Slovenia

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