12 Beginner Python Projects – Coding Course

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Improve your Python skills by following along with 12 different Python project tutorials.

🎥 Course developed by Kylie Ying. Check out her YouTube channel:

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (1:40) 1. Madlibs
⌨️ (6:54) 2. Guess the Number (computer)
⌨️ (13:17) 3. Guess the Number (user)
⌨️ (21:14) 4. Rock Paper Scissors
⌨️ (24:25) 5. Hangman
⌨️ (35:53) 6. Tic-Tac-Toe
⌨️ (59:59) 7. Tic-Tac-Toe AI
⌨️ (1:15:53) 8. Binary Search
⌨️ (1:27:16) 9. Minesweeper
⌨️ (1:51:55) 10. Sudoku Solver
⌨️ (2:05:34) 11. Photo Manipulation in Python
⌨️ (2:31:49) 12. Markov Chain Text Composer

⭐️ Code ⭐️
💻 Madlibs / Rock Paper Scissors / Binary Search:
💻 Guess the Number:
💻 Hangman:
💻 Tic-Tac-Toe + AI:
💻 Minesweeper:
💻 Sudoku:
💻 Photo Editing in Python:
💻 Markov Chain Composer:

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47 thoughts on “12 Beginner Python Projects – Coding Course”

  1. This is amazing. I’m like 4/10 on python knowledge because its so hard to learn like without a goal in mind.

    Its so much more fun to learn by making useful and fun apps or games vs just “this is a string.. here why you should care”

    1. Do like me, just copy the code, practice and practice more and more and then everything will be clear after a while, dont pressure yourself to understand everything at your first try, do it once twince and thirst so your mind will be able to understand by itself what each step is revelant to.
      She is not coding while she make the video, it’s a playback that goes X2 or maybe more and she just explain the concept wich is trully good for us!

      The idea here is not to learn syntaxes, it’s not a course , it’s for practicing, and by my experiences since my childrenhood, practicing the same exercices and do errors to correct them as mush as i need to understand the whole concep is the best way of learning.

      Sure it takes to mush time, but yes you are getting Up in syntaxes, logics and practice!
      So to whole beganers, just try to copy it correctly!

      Good luck every one and hope we will meet one day at Microsoft or google! <3

    2. @TheShermanTanker This isn’t MIT. I’ll create a wormhole and a time machine while I am at it.

    3. Some of these are good, but she moves way too quick for people still learning, atleast for me. If you’re making something to teach others it’s probably a good idea to go a little slower and explain things more thoroughly, rather than zip through just to show how well you know it.

    1. Quadrillion Trader

      ​@F B can you please clear my doubt,
      guess(x) is a function then how come a variable guess can be used inside it ?

    2. I found your video very unhelpful. I found it confusing that you had to go to a different terminal each time you had to run the code.
      You should comfortably run these codes in the console section of VS code

    3. @ify ifemanima if you a beginner you will find it confusing trust me this is one of the you best you will find on python

  2. Mr krabs left but cheek

    1:40 Madlibs
    6:54 Guess the number(computer)
    13:17 Guess the number (user)
    21:14 Rock paper scissors
    24:25 Hangman
    35:53 Tic Tac Toe
    59:59 Tic Tac Toe AI
    1:15:53 Binary search
    1:27:16 minesweeper
    1:51:55 Sodoku solver
    2:05:34 Photo manipulation
    2:31:49 Markov Chain text composer
    It’s also in the description

    1. Quadrillion Trader

      @Varnith Varma can you please clear my doubt,
      guess(x) is a function then how come a variable guess can be used inside it ?

  3. If anyone is using Python 3.9 and is on the Photoshop project then a friendly note that there will be a tostring error because python no longer supports that so I would recommend using Python 3.8 for that project to work properly.
    Thanks for such cool projects which include great understanding💯

  4. Kylie – i had learned python before but this was a really good refresher class for me. thank you for your work.

  5. Great video! Question about Rock Paper Scissors:
    I ran the program with everything except with just running play() at the bottom instead of print(play()). It printed the input question fine, but when I typed ‘r’ it had an error with “NameError: name ‘r’ is not defined”.
    When I fixed it to print(play()), it ran perfectly. I am confused about what changed when I added the print command around the play() function. Could you explain what the difference is?


    1. I’m also curious about this! This was posted a while ago, have you found an answer yet?

  6. Frederico Pereira

    Thanks for the inspiring ideas for projects and simple games.
    Easter Egg: You should already know, but In the video (the hangman part) you create the method ‘get_valid_word()’ without returning the ‘word’ with upper method called. I also looked in the repo and its fixed. I am following the video and sometimes comparing in the project gihub.

    1. man …. i even “printed” the word to check if there is some problem there and it was shown in lowercase …. then saw your comment …. thanks man.

  7. Alistair Wright

    Thank you so much! I’m writing this on day one of my Python learning journey. This is perfect. I love how clear you make everything seem. I’m a total novice but it’s obvious to me that you’ve worked hard at your craft and you’re an expert.

    1. @Golden Plectrum that’s great! I am finally taking this seriously and trying to learn. I want a job in tech as well. I hope you find a good job soon 🙂

  8. Hey Kylie, thanks a bunch for this! Really great, clear explanations. I’m using it with my students in small chunks and they love it!

  9. I love this so far! I’ve been doing projects, and I noticed a small error in your final code for the Tic Tac Toe game, in player.py where you say
    ‘s turn. Input move (0-9): ‘ it should be 0-8 instead, since 9 in this case is invalid.

    1. May I ask a question: The line of code writing
      If __name__ == ‘__main__’ What does it means? And where is the __name__ in the code?I didn’t notice and it just pop out in the code

  10. Thanks for making this, it helps just watching how someone actually thinks about how to solve a problem with code. Great job! Now let me go back and watch it a few more times!

  11. I agree with you so much about leaving bugs in the videos. The thought process and talking through a bug is so useful to new programmers. It is also a psychological boost for new programmers seeing that it is absolutely normal to hit frequent bugs.

  12. I love you for this!!!! Recently got back into coding after an over 10 year vacancy. And doing ur challenges first my way really try and make it work on ur own, that spark of pure joy is just amazing when u nail it. Then watch how u did the same task and become amazed and high on enthusiasm every time makes this into an extremely pleasant journey. Thanks for this!!!!

  13. Romildo Vieira de Carvalho

    Sou intermediário em Python, estou iniciando seu curso para melhorar, muito obrigado !!!

  14. 2:22:40 Theres a little mistake in code. You probably knew about it, but to simplify just carry on. You divide result by Kernel size squared to make average values, which is not true for border values, because there Kernel size is smaller and depends on how many Kernel elements were in calculation. Solution for this is to create another variable which determines how many calculations were actually made. But it will slow down the process. For small kernels it doesn’t matter. For bigger could be significant.

  15. hello, thank you for the meticulous and enjoyable instructions. I have a question, can’t we just print the hyphens and spaces and exclude them from the guessing game?

  16. small tip: go to the end of each tutorial and see the final output, then try coding the whole thing by yourself. it forces you to build the thing from scratch, and when you get stuck, just rewind and see how she builds it.

  17. Brown Eyed Boy

    Thank you Kylie!

    When you already knew the third concatenation method was an f-string, and are proud to see that you’re learning and retaining stuff. 😃

  18. Vamshi Krishna Medi

    You rocked it. The way you explained the use cases for each project and how to approach to implement them one at a time is very helpful.

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